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I recently posted in another section of the message boards and asked about the issue I'm currently having and the person who replied was very helpful but unfortunately the way my luck goes these days, the acne or redness under my nose has persisted.

To back up, recently I got a pimple under my nose or what I would call more like almost a rash/redness. It is under the left nostril and has become inflammed I would say for probably closer to a month now which I feel is a tad bit too long haha. I've had pimples under my nose before but nothing like this that has developed and stayed so long. Now the person who I talked to suggested I try using benzoyl peroxide when washing my face but also suggested that I may try neosporin or a hydrocortisone cream to help take it down. I have been using a hydrocortisone cream every now and then and found that although the redness went down slightly, it is still there almost as bad as day one. Now this may also be because the last week or two I have begun to try "hiding it" when going out in public and at work by using a concealer because I'm gotten so embarassed by it especially since I work with girls the same age as myself (22) who have perfect skin and you know...I don't haha. Anyways I can't imagine I'm doing it any good by using the concealer/makeup so my plan now is to stop for the rest of this week in hopes that the redness may die down and continue with my regimen in hopes that the pimple or whatever it is may actually form a white head and go down already. Hopefully I haven't done too much damage already though..

But before I ask for a solution, I want to back up a little further. I began using the Clinique concealer/makeup this last year after my mother suggsted using it once to hide one of my pimples and since then I've been using it more and more to hide the pimples on my face and neck and considering I'm a guy, there's no reason in the world I should be even touching makeup. I've never really been called out on using makeup as far as my knowledge goes but I'm sure my friends have to know since the pimples are still noticeable underneath the concealer and it must look strange at times lol.

Now I have been on accutane. I was on it for probably closer to 7 months before I stopped and it did really help but I found not to the point where I felt I was making any more progress. Now that I have read a few other stories on here, I'm thinking I should have stayed on the program even longer.

Currently though, I would say most of my acne is on the lower half of my face, mostly on the sides of my mouth and under it. I also have acne on my neck still which I should mention is probably worse than the actual face itself these days because I've found it's harder to treat than my face simply because of how sensitive that area is. Before I went on accutane I was using Proactive and now that I'm off of accutane I have continued using proactive, although I've noticed that after washing my face with the Step 1 Cleanser, my face gets really red and takes probably closer to 30-45 minutes to cool back down to normal which I think may or may not be a result of using accutane because I was nowhere near that sensitive to begin with.

Anyways you now have a fairly detailed analysis of the last several years of my life and the treatments I've tried. I had tried other store brand ones before going to the Proactive solution but never found them up to par. At this point, after writing all of this and making you all read through my long-winded story, I just want to know what may be the best solution to treating the pimple under my nose. I've been using the proactive benzyl peroxide blemish treatment on it for the last few days in hopes that it may go down, so I'm hoping maybe someone might have an alternative solution of some form lol.

Also I guess my second question is do you think that at this point if I switch to Dan's Regimen, I may end up seeing a better difference with my acne just in general. Most days I can count up to about 6-7 really bad pimples on my face around my lips, etc so I'm kinda curious about perhaps trying it out and maybe having more success with that than the Proactive.

To sum up:

1. How do I treat the redness/pimple under my nose?

2. Is Dan's Regimen far superior to the Proactive solution that I've been using for the last...well probably 3 years? I've heard a lot of good stories here now and I'm thinking for how much it costs, it is most definitely worth it.

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