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Hello everyone. I'm a 21 year old guy who has suffered from acne since 6th grade. For the past 3 years, it has fluctuated between light and mild but it's really persistent. I've been able to control it with various topicals and an Acne Lamp from acnelamp.com but lately it's consumed my life because I have the lamp shining away on my skin for like 8 hours a day and I still have a greasy face when I go out. I want it all gone, and I want this medicine to make my face drier.

Well today is day 1, I just took the pill. I found it kind-of amusing how at every angle of the packaging you see "do not take if pregnant" "warning to female patients: do not get pregnant" lol. It's on there like 40 times. Anyways, I'm prescribed 1 pill each day, 40mg. I have an appointment every 30 days until the 17th of December, so on Christmas i'll be hoping for perfect skin!

I was given the option to start a trail of Accutane about 6 - 7 months ago and I didn't want to because the side effects scared me. Now, looking back, I wish I had because I would be done by now. The main motivator for starting Amnesteem was because my 2 year long relationship has just come to an end and I want to improve my self image so I feel confident stepping through these doors that have been reopened for me. This is just one of the several things that I'm doing to make my self look great.

With that said, I'm kind-of nervous of the side effects. But I have no allergies, never have had a bad reaction to any kind of medicine, weather or food or anything like that so this makes me feel better about that.

These are some things that I have now for use during my trial:

Cetaphil facial moisturizer

Cetaphil body moisturizer

Head & Sholders shampoo

Lots of chapstick

Eye drops

I was thinking of getting vitamin E to take orally... I saw some at CVS but it was $22 and I know I have some coupons at home that I can use for that. Should I get it? Also what would you all think about taking whey protein for building muscle while on accutane? I might not do it because I don't want to trigger joint pain.

Well, that's all I have to say for now... so far no side effects :lol: I hope everyone is well and good luck to everyone else undergoing their trials!


Day 1

Day 5

Day 9

Day 15

Day 25

DAY 30!!

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Good luck on your journey and welcome to the boards :D

I use a moisturizer with Vitmain E in it and I really enjoy it, so I would say go with the Vitamin E. It is great for reducing red marks!

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congrats on starting! and good luck on your journey to clear skin! i'm on day 15 myself : )

Well today is day 1, I just took the pill. I found it kind-of amusing how at every angle of the packaging you see "do not take if pregnant" "warning to female patients: do not get pregnant" lol. It's on there like 40 times.
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Hello and welcome, I'm new too. I'm on my third day of Clarus.

I was laughing at all the pregnancy warnings on it too, what's with that? People must be pretty dense.

I'll be keeping tabs on your log, since we're starting around the same time. I only have a dosage of 20mg for the first month, which is frustrating because I have the worst complexion I've ever had. Like, I'm a monster.


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Hey! sounds like you have good products but also consider the following:

- if your skin gets flaky dont rub it to get flakes off, put on moisturizer and grin and bear it

- put a lotion such as Glaxal base up your nostrils every night before bed

- put thick hand lotion on every night before bed and if a rash develops, thou shall buy and use a hydrocortisone cream twice daily even after it is gone. Putting it on and wearing gloves to bed keeps it where you want it.

- drink at least 2 litres of water/decaf tea every day and avoid diuretics such as coffee or alcohol

- dont feel like you must wash your face twice a day, wash at bed time and re-apply moisturizer to uncleansed skin in the morning

hope that helps! good luck!

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Day 5:

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and tips :) I'm going on day 5 now and I'm wondering if I'm getting an initial breakout? I don't know... my face might just be going through a normal breakout cycle but the blemishes get flakey skin around them now. Also, when I wash my face, they automatically start oozing stuff even though I didn't pop them. Gross.

I also got this letter in the mail from iPledge... :rolleyes: What a bad impression they give! The front has my name on it but when I open the letter there is no "dear bla bla bla", It just says "here is your ID. Here is your password. Type it in exactly as shown" then it tells me how to log in over the phone, but I have no idea why I even need to log into iPledge in the first place because they don't say why lol.

Well, that's about it really... I'm feeling a little bit down but I don't know if it's because of the accutane... I blame that more on the fact that I need to quit my summer job now because I have no where to stay on the days that I work since I used to stay with my ex... and we broke up :(. I feel sad about the whole breakup too. I hope the accutane doesn't make that worse.

Ahh what to do with my life! I guess it's ok... school will soon start and maybe even by then my skin will clear up! :dance:

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Hey there! I just wanted to drop by and wish you lots of luck on your Accutane course (well, Amnesteem. But who wants to be specific? Not me!) I started exactly 7 days before you, so depending on how long our courses go, we'll be finishing up just about the same time.

And I totally get what you mean about iPledge. I don't know how many hoops you have to jump through, given the fact that you're a guy, but it can get tiring at times. I remember when I first decided to go on Accutane back in May, and I found out that I would have to wait a whole MONTH to even fill my prescription. Like, there's no way I'm getting pregnant but they can't exactly just take my word for it, I guess. **sigh** Anyway, I hope the system doesn't bog you down too much. Keep us updated!

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Hi axtine8 :) Yeah, iPledge is pretty much a non-issue for me, I just don't know what to do with this online thing. lol!


So, nothing much to report here... Tomorrow I will take the last pill from my first 10 pack! :) It's been pretty humid here so my face still gets really oily. I keep getting these stupid tiny white heads around my jaw line which is annoying and I also think I have 2 cysts on my chin but they are under my skin and are pretty much invisible. I think I got them because I shaved. IDK.

For the past week and a half I've had this volcano on my upper lip next to my nose and it would just not go away. I cut it shaving once so that didn't make it better, but when I was at work I yawned and then it just popped its self and started bleeding! I was absolutely mortified and I had to run in the back room and stay there for like 15 minutes! Thank god no one saw me!! Thankfully, it is now going away but I've never had anything like that before.

Today I bought some Vitamin E pills. I don't know how much to take, but each pill is 400iu. Does anyone know a good dosage? They are liquid gels. I also take vitamin D every morning. And I have Magnesium so I think I'll start taking that too, lol.

So this weekend I have a really big family reunion to go to. It's in Boston and every night there is like a jacket and tie dinner/event. Like major too; for one of the nights, the Boston pops orchestra is rented out for the night. I've spent the past month going out and buying myself some nice clothes to wear and I'm really happy with all of the things that I bought! It's the first suit that I've ever owned and it fits me perfectly! They said I wouldn't even need to get it altered. So now that all of that is finished, this week it's my mission to get a haircut. I want one like this: http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/7200/hura.jpg

I hope my hair has grown out enough! Because I practically had it buzzed back towards the end of may.

Hmm.. what else. Oh I saw Lady Gaga in concert... we had so much fun & she's so fantastic!! You can't miss it if you like gaga! And she's going on tour for like a year straight now so be on the lookout. And I quit my job! woohoo! lol Actually, I'm just "on call" so I can work at another location if someone from there gets fired soon... :pray::pray: Right now I just want school to start back up again. Now please. kthx

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Have fun on accutane :P

The time flieeeeeeees by until the last 2 weeks ish of your course. During the last two weeks you're just like "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU", but it will eventually be over.

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Good haircut choice!

Thanks breanana :) Unfortunately, my hair was already too short to get that style :( I got one like this instead: http://0.tqn.com/d/menshair/1/0/e/0/-/-/shortfront.jpg

DAY 15

Anyways, I just popped my 15th pill of Accutane today. I can't say that I've seen much difference in my breakouts really... I have another stupid volcano on my cheek and I keep getting little white heads. Maybe my skin is a little bit less oily, but I can still feel it on my forehead. The skin on my chin is really dry too. Before Accutane, I thought that shaving my face actually helped my skin. But now - and I'm not sure if it's the new pro glide razor that I bought or just the accutane - i feel like my skin on my chin got really tough, scaly, and raw because of shaving. It felt oozey and constantly damp, kind of like how the skin feels after a chemical peel, or after you burn your self with hair wax and rip it off. No bueno.

I've still been taking vitamin E, D and magnesium throughout the day too. I take a 400IU vitamin E with breakfast and with dinner, and I take 2000IU of vitamin D with lunch along with the magnesium. No results yet.

So I'm back from the family reunion now, it was such a great weekend! But I broke out a lot :( I was super embarrassed for my 3rd, 4th, 5th cousins (not to mention my immediate family) to see my face all covered in nasty zits... and it was like pretty bad. I counted 7. Maybe that was an IB, but who knows. Also, on Friday I had my telephone interview for this summer internship that I applied for. I had the choice of talking to them either last friday or Monday (today) and I picked to do it earlier; it only gave me 1 day to prepare. But I totally nailed the interview and it went totally well... and I know this because...

TODAY I FOUND OUT THAT I GOT IT THE JOB!!! :dance::clap::) WOO!! I have a new job now! It pays double what my current job paid, AND, it's in FLORIDA!!! Of-course, they need to do the background check and drug screening and take my fingerprints which takes time but I am SO happy, and it's like a major boost to my confidence! I'm never one to "go first", like say in class when I need to present a project. Taking the earlier interview was so unlike me, and so worth it!! I had the rest of the weekend to just relax and have fun! Now, I have the problem that I'm going to need to fly back up to Boston for my derm. appointments. Which is not a big deal, because I work 30 hours per week & I think they will let me work more during one of the weeks so I can get 1 friday from every month off. Unless there is some important meeting or something... IDK I hope it works out.

Now, I just need my accutane to kick in and make my face look good for me on my first day at the new job! I might start going out in the sun for just like 10-15 minutes every day because this summer I haven't built up a tan. So I get used to it and maybe it will help the acne a little bit. And I think I'll be going to sleep with my acne lamp shining away at my face again...

Oh - by the way. I found that when I run a wash cloth under hot water, ring it out and then put it over my face for about 25 minutes seems to help my acne. I've always done that after I did some serious poppings, because they bleed but this weekend when I was trying anything to make my breakouts go away, I just did that and it seems to help. Has anyone else tried / noticed this?

Well tomorrow I'm flying to Chicago with my Dad so we can visit my grandfather. Returning Saturday. And I just called my old job and they told me I'm on the schedule to work this weekend??? AFTER I gave my 2 weeks notice, 4 weeks ago ?? :doh: I love my boss but come on, get a grip. I was serious about leaving!

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thats a nice haircut you got! and it will look even better as it grows. oh and congrats on your new job!

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thats a nice haircut you got! and it will look even better as it grows. oh and congrats on your new job!

Thank you, and thank you !!

God I am bored out of my mind in mke. Thank god I can update here on my phone !

My face looks horrible today. Ughhh I want it to stop! And my derm appt is on the Friday that happens to be the same week that I start my job. Idk how to ask them I I can have my first Friday on the job off!! Argh ! Ipledge is really getting on my nerves. I wish I could just move up my appt a week and have my parrents mail the accutane! Oh right - only I can pick it up! :/

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick update :) I called my derm. office about this appointment thing and they magically had an opening tomorrow at 9! :banana: It's very rare for them to have any openings within a week so I was so happy. She said I can still fill my prescription when my other one runs out, and they will do my blood just a little bit early! Now I don't need to ditch out on my first Friday at my new job so that's good. I'll just hope CVS won't care about me not being the one to pick up the accutane... last time they didn't even check my ID or anything, they had called for my iPledge number and I just gave it to them over the phone. So I think this will work! yay!

So I'm home now... I had to come home a 2 days early because of my boss from my old job, who is just a total space shot... She didn't take my 2 weeks resignation seriously. She said "i didn't know you were serious, I thought you were just contemplating the idea". I don't know, because I told her twice - "I want to be on call" and she said "OK after 4th of July weekend you are on call" So whatever, this weekend will be my real LAST day at my old job. Then I'll be off to Florida on Monday!! woo!

I guess I'll talk about my face a little bit... it cleared right up when I started putting on some tea tree oil so that's good. I really hope it lasts through the whole weekend. I'm just dealing with a few small white heads and red marks on my face. My shoulders and back of my neck on the other hand got SO bad that I just took a napkin, squirted hand sanitizer all over it and put it directly on my back under my shirt and just slept on it all night. It makes your skin get really hot but I was so tired that I fell right asleep. I think it worked pretty well too, I might do a drastic therapy of that this weekend because I really hope to be able to go to the beach in Florida this summer!

Also I must say I notice the blackheads on my nose slowly making their way up to the surface. I've never noticed having blackheads before but I did notice having large pores on my nose. Maybe the blackheads were really deep in there, so hopefully will be gone in a few weeks!

OK that is all, take care everyone.

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Congrats on the new job!

sounds like you're doing really well : )

Thank you Ashley !! :)

And hello to everyone from Florida! It was A long drive but I made it here on time in just 3 days! They have me living in this huuge house all alone ! Lol, I wish I could start work already and meet some new people ! It would also be cool if all 5 bedrooms were occupied because this would totally be like the real world lol

But anyways, I believe this brings me to day 25!!

My skin is not breaking out but this probably is only because I've been sleeping with my acne lamp shining on my face. I put on eye protection and just let it go to work all night. These things work very well if anyone is considering one!

I notice my face is a little bit drier, I've been using aveeno moisturizer that has some kind of skin tone evening soy complex in it. But it's hot and humid here so I don't expect my face to get really dry until winter.

This is the first time that I've ever used a full tube of chapstick. Usually I loose them before I use it to the bottom of the thing but I actually did today!

So everything went well with the dermatology, I was even able to pick up my new pills before driving down here. So they upped my dosage to 60 mg. Each day. I'll be taking 30 mg of claravis now instead of amnesteem. But I'll start that in 5 more days.

I think my skin is really sensitive to light now. When I was driving down here it seemed to be tanning from the light shining through my car window ! Even though it was rolled up lol !

Ok well that's all for now, ttyl everyone !

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Hello everyone! Well, today is DAY 30!!!!!!

Wow already?!! I just sucked down my last pill of the 40 mg Amnesteems. Usually I take it at 7:30 every night, but I was just so excited that I took it now! (6:45pm - these take me for ever to write lol) So, I have already taken 1,160 MG of Accutane (I forgot to take a pill once! :( ) Tomorrow I step up the dosage to 60 by taking 30 in the morning and 30 at night. I can't wait!

So far, I have noticed very little side effects. No joint pains, no itchy scalp, zero nose bleeds - anything except for the usual dry lips and flakey skin around where my old pimples are drying up. I guess this could be due to the fact that I don't really ever feel side effects from anything. My body seems to be very adaptable, which, when I think about it might be why my stupid acne has been so stubborn! :( I have been breaking out for the past few days and I've been using my acne lamp very aggressively. Maybe it's becoming immune!

I don't expect it to, but it would be really nice upping the dosage clears me up nicely :pray: I really want to be able to go to the beach but because the way my stupid shoulders are now, there is absolutely no way I'm taking my shirt off in public. Yeah, I don't want to talk about it so all I'll say is that never in my life has it ever been this bad. Ever ever ever, and I am SO embarrassed by it. It must be this way because for the past like 5 years I've been on some sort of oral antibiotic... my dermatologists probably shouldn't have just taken me off the pills so suddenly, I wish I could take them with accutane too!

So I know I've ranted about iPledge in the past but I am very happy that I was able to pick up my next month's supply like 12 days before when the iPledge laws tells me I can (but sorry ladies, my derm. office told me this only worked for me because I'm a guy) . Props to my Dermatology office and the insurance for covering it early too :) Now, I just need to get them to postpone my August 20th appointment to like September 1st or something but have them still give me my pills on the 20th :) Maybe I can do my blood work down here in FL ?? ! I'll need to talk to them.

Anyways I hope everyone is doing well! I read a handful of other accutane logs.. but pretty much only those who posted on mine and who have a link to it in their signature,, lol. I just access them all through my thread here so if you want me to read yours just post it here :P

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Day 36 :clap:

Hi everyone. I'm going on day 36 now! I think I might feel some side effects now:

I've been getting a few random headaches. I never get headaches so this has to be the accutane :/ Their not that bad though luckily. Usually I'll be sitting at work and just be like "oh wow, i have a headache". If I keep thinking about it, it gets worse but if I don't think about it I'll just forget it. So hopefully this won't get bad.

My lips get even more dry than before now... :( 2 of my chap sticks melted in my car so I need to get more. :( Also I've started applying eye drops regularly now. I don't know what dry eyes feel like, but I know that my eyes get really watery and every once in a while I need to close them for like 20 seconds so they feel better.

So, I know I said that I would not go to the beach bla bla bla but this weekend I thought about it and figured that no one there knows me, and they probably won't even see my shoulders. So I went to the beach, got a really nice tan and cleared up the acne on my shoulders a lot! I was applying SPF 30 every 20 minutes, and although I think i reached the point where I was right about to burn, I didn't! So I'm glad I went, my face looks clearer too! Maybe soon I'll feel comfortable enough to post a pic lol :P So I'm planning to go back next weekend too.

Finally my side note for the day, I was driving home from work and it was POURING out, like I couldn't see in front of me. So I slow down to like 30 mph and everyone is passing me on the side. I was thinking "wow these crazy people are going to crash into something". Then, I realized that I still had my sunglasses on and when I took them off I could see everything 84883 times better. LOL! And I had my nose up to the windshield trying to look out, I hope no one could see in my car! lol

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Good luck man.


Day 44.

Well not much good news to report today... I've been breaking out and my skin has looked like crap.

First, lets start out with the dryness... My eyes get so dry and red. Sometimes I need to close them for like 15 seconds to make the burning go away. I use thera tears like 5 times a day. Also, my skin gets really super dry and flakey. I put on more moisturizer but that lasts for like 5 minutes until the flakes come back. :( Then I get these zits that come to a head... so I pop them at home but I don't want to put on moisturizer while they are still open wounds. So now my face is dry, broken out, flakey and oozey. I look so sexy. :wub:

I hope my acne is gone before school starts, if accutane doesn't do it in time!! I want my face to look good on my first day at school. Speaking of school! Today I got my room assignment - It's a single in the most newly renovated building! :dance: (I skipped the room assignment process at the end of last semester because I was going through a lot with my ex, so I lost the room but ended up with one that's way better!! lol!)

Ooh - finally, I want to tell you about one last product I bought. It's the Noxzema Triple Clean anti bacterial face wash. I bought it because it has .3% of Triclosan where most hand soaps only have .15%. This works very well as a shoulders and chest wash :)

ok bye!

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Hi everyone. So I know you all like pictures.. I did take some on the day that I started accutane, but I just never posted them. Well, I took some today and my skin actually looks like TWICE as bad. UGH!! Obviously because I stopped taking sulfamethoxazole to start the accutane. Ugh!

The second one is me the day I started.

And the third is the way I looked in march :(

I feel so ugly now! UggHHH!!!!!

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