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I'm starting accutane today!

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Ok. So my derm just called me and told me that I'm in iPledge and my blood was normal.

I'm just so nervous! I don't want to have muscle ache/joint pain for ever... but there is such a low chance of getting that. Plus I never have bad reactions to medicine, foods, allergies or anything else like that.

So here are my supplies that I have:

H&S dandruff shampoo

cetaphil facial moisturizer with spf 15 (i've always used this)

I've always used chap-stick anyways so i have like 200 sticks.

I have cetaphil body moisturizer

I'll buy some eye drops and vitamin E tablets?? I've only heard of vitamin e oil so hopefully I find tablets today. And i guess that's all I need. Anyone recommend anything else?

I just went through a major breakup and I made a list of all of these things that I want to do with my self now to make me feel better and more confident. Accutane for my acne was one of them. The others were to whiten my teeth and get some muscle on my bones - do you think I Should put off the workouts? I don't know what causes all those permanent joint and muscle aches but I don't want to encourage it! What do you all think of taking whey protein supplements while on Accutane?

OK thanks!

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Just my two cents: Head and Shoulders made my scalp drier, and itchier, and burnier.

I switched to Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, and only shampoo my hair every two or three days. Doesn't COMPLETELY fix it, but it's a lot better.

I also take a whole slew of supplements (you can see them in my signature).

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Hi Hello2032,

I've been reading up on different accutane blogs on this site for a couple of months now. After much hesitation, I finally got my accutane prescription today! I am planning on taking my first pill tomorrow with dinner, and I thought I'd leave you a post since our course is starting around the same time :)

I have been taking omega 3s for a couple of years now, but today I bought Glucosamine and Vitamin E to take as well. The pharmacist mentioned that these supplements require fats to be absorbed, so he advised that I take them at least 3 hours away from my accutane. I thought this tip might be of some help to you as well should you decide to buy them.

I have also stocked up on body cream and aquaphor (many people on this site claim that aquaphor is a god send).

Other than that, I'm planning on drinking tons of water and hoping for the best. As for the muscle/joint pains, my derm said that it's totally fine to work out - I would really like to try my best to workout as much as I can, but just listen to my body and not push myself too hard.

Hope this helps! Stay in touch and let me know how your course goes :)


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Oh thanks, I guess I'll add Biotin and Glucosamine to my daily pills too then, is 2mg of biotin a day good? and like 2400mg glucosamine?

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Oh thanks, I guess I'll add Biotin and Glucosamine to my daily pills too then, is 2mg of biotin a day good? and like 2400mg glucosamine?

The pharmacist told me that 1 pill (500mg) of glucosamine would suffice. The next time I see my derm I'll make sure that she agrees with that amount.

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Okay thanks for the info, also you don't take omega 3? and i cant seem to find an omega 3 that doesnt contain cod, but maybe its not such a big deal, im sure people eat many foods with vitamin a in it that equals the same ammount in omega 3's with cod fish

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