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Acne free for a year. Then it came back :(

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Ok... I've been acne free for roughly 12 months now after taking Tetralysal 300 (which I'm currently still on)

However a month or so I started getting a mild breakout. Mainly around my mouth, but now I've started getting pimples appearing on my forehead which has never happened.

The only thing I can think of is that it's because I'm just finishing University and it's a stressful time. Although I don't actually feel stressed. Or could it be that I'm consuming a lot of alcohol from celebrating graduating. Or maybe the heat of the summer...?

I've also been wondering whether the Tatralysal might have run it's course and my body become immune to it now, is this possible?

I've not changed my routine, and I'm using the same soap and moisturizer combo that I've always been using.

I'm really, really getting worried now... Just as my confidence had started to come back, and I could actually look people in the face without feeling subconscious about my skin - it's now been completely destroyed and I've got that horrible feeling again that I haven't felt for almost a year. It's soul destroying and I feel crushed again.

I don't want to have acne again, especially not in my graduation photos.

Can anyone suggest something as to what might be happening, please?

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Yeah, that's the problem with antibiotics. Your body becomes immune to them eventually and then your acne usually comes back worse than before. That's why I've avoided them.

I suppose you could find another antibiotic to take. Or, you could get on Dan's regimen and stay clear from that.

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