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Chest Spots! Please Help!

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I used to have severe facial acne, but through Ruaccutane (thank god!) I managed to get rid of it all, and through a regime I rarely get a single spot on my face.

However, over the last two months or so I've started to get what looks like mild acne on my chest and it's starting to scare me that my acne is returning but on my chest instead! And second of all, it looks ugly, and I'm embarrassed to take my top off - AND IT'S SUMMER!

Sorry that the picture is somewhat crap, but my camera has ran out so iSight all the way!


or if that doesn't work copy the link above, the BB code doesn't seem to be working!

I hope you guys can help to calm this!

Answers to the questions you'll ask:

Do you shave your chest? I have only done this once (last week), to see how severe the spots were, the spots have not worsened since I shaved - they just got a tad more red.

Have you tried changing your shower gel? I'm trying to use Dove all this week, though it still is scented so! Usually I would use Lynx.

Do you scrub your chest? Nope, when I shower, I don't focus on cleaning my chest!

Do you have any allergies? Not that I know of!

Thanks in advance,

Dan :)

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i completely understand your pain. except i'm a girl and i cant wear tank tops, bikinis, or v-necks. its on my back too. lovely isn't it? sorry i feel like i cant help you ): but i'll try. wash your back once every 12 hours.. so if you get up at 8AM, wash then, and then shower at 8PM too. drink tons of water, have a healthy diet, after you work out or sweat a lot take a shower, for spot treatment try tea tree oil. just dab some on. but i'm just warning you.. it doesn't smell too good. moisturize after each time you wash. cause your skin can get dried out and cause more break outs. i'm sure if i did all these things i would have clear skin but i'm a bit lazy and have given up. i just wear crew necks but sometimes my skin will clear up for a few days and i can wear v-necks and tank tops. (: i hope everything gets better for you. good luck!

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