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Hey Guys Had V beam Laser Today...

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Hey All,

Just thought Id let you know I had V beam today at The Dermatology Institute of Victoria. Dr. Greg Goodman preformed the procedure. I just wanted to share my experience so far and I will post before and after pics when I get them. I was treating pih or residual redness that is left from acne. I also have indented atrophic scarring however, while I had read on these boards that v beam to an extent can help with this type of scarring Dr. Goodman disagreed and did not treat the areas that were indented. He recommends fraxel for those later. I am currently on antibiotics (kelflex) to treat moderate acne and finished a 6 month course of accutane in Oct/November last year - unfortunately it was unsucessful at keeping my acne at bay however it has not returned to the severe/cystic level that it was at last year.

I arrived at about 2.15 and had photos taken. A nurse applied a numbing cream to my entire face and I had to sit in the waitng room for approx 45mins for the cream to take effect. I had to sign a disclaimer form in the meantime saying the procedure may cause scarring, make things worse etc etc.

I was then taken into the procedure room and a nurse chatted to me about the procedure and what I was looking to treat. Dr. Goodman arrived and gave me goggles for my eyes and a stress ball!

The vbeam zapper was very uncomfortable. He treated my entire face and the treatment was very short about 10 minutes. The laser feels exactly like a rubber band flicking you in the face accompanied by an intense flash of light. I was told I winced every time the laser zapped my skin. Smoke also arose from my skin each time the laser hit and a smell of burning was present. It was unsettling but not unbearable. Dr. Goodman was very considerate during the procedure and paused every so often to let me breathe and prepare for the next area. Actually when he very first started he had to stop and told me to breathe or else I would die--- I didnt realise but I hadnt taken a breath for nearly a minute I was so nervous. He tried his best to make me as comfortable as possible and was very professional/swift...

He did mention the levels and something about doing a second pass but I was so nervous I cant remember what he said - sorry guys...

After it was over I lay on the table icing my face for about 20 minutes or so. Then I was free to go.

I really also want to say how lovely the nurses there were, they were super friendly and supportive. Also, when my b/f and I was in the waiting room it got really cold and when a nurse came to collect another lady, she asked if we were cold. We all said yes and she offered to get us a blanket!! I thought that was really nice.

My face was swollen and looked like a tomato afterwards but as we iced it came down significantly. By the time I got home, it actually looked like I hadnt had anything done. I really would love to wash the residue of the numbing cream off but I was told not to touch my face until tomorow with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. I have been icing every hour for 15mins since I got home.

Currently my face looks fairly normal, I have seen pictures on this site of brusing and severe redness, so I think Greg went really easy on me maybe?? I am in no pain either at the moment which is nice. I havent needed to take any pain relief. The only difference i can see is that the redness in my scarring looks more angry.

I paid $750.00 for a full face treatment. I asked about a Medicare rebate which I felt I was eligible for and Greg agreed. So according to the item number which I recieved and looked up on the Medicare site when I got home I should recieve 75 - 85 % back which seems ridiculously cheap!!??? I dont know if this is the case but I will let you know what I recieve back when my cheque comes.

SOOOO.... I think I have covered everything of my experience today??... Probably left out a few details but feel free to message me if you have any questions or anything.

Fingers crossed I get some nice improvement.... :)

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oh hope all goes well withur treatment :)

when dr goodman said hed use fraxel for your indented scarring. did he say which one he would use e.g. the multiple fraxel restores (4 days downtime) or the fraxel repair (10 days downtime)?

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Hey Sydney Fellow, thanks for your kind words :)

Dr. Goodman recommends the fraxel restores... But personally after trawling for hours on this board and seeing images of people with similar scarring I dont think this is the right treatment for me. Its hard though becuase at the end of the day Dr. Goodman is the expert in this situation its just that I have never seen any great improvement in others with similar scarring who used restore. But we will cross that bridge in 6 weeks...

In regards to the v beam laser, had a really long, broken sleep last night and was still extemely tired when I woke up this morning. I didnt sleep on my back like was recommened and woke up with my face stuffed into my pillow, which probably wasnt a good idea...

In other news I look so normal??!! Wheres this redness I have seen and read about? Bruising? Nope. I got nuthing, expect my red scarring looks worse?? I also noticed last night I looked a little brown like I had tanned a bit? Anyway this is not what Id had expected. I suppose its good in the way I could go out and do normal things and its raining and overcast here so sun exposure is not an issue. I suppose you pay $750 you want to feel it worked (positively) somehow and I really dont think it has (the optimist in me is now writing yet)

Maybe Iam a ridiculously fantastic healer?? hmmmm yeah thats why I got scarring in the first place cough... :wall:


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the browning tells me that its preparing to peel. you should find you end up looking a bit better in a few days once the peeling is good and done. you might have gotten a similar result with a few peels. they are quite cheap, so you might be able to look into those if you're not happy with the improvement.

if that doesnt work, ive found bioskincare (about $140 AUS total - the product plus shipping) reduced a lot of my redness late last year. i might invest in that once again when finish accutane. if you still have redness afterwards, perhaps it might be worthwhile for u too.

its interesting reading your thread really. im in sydney and am getting all my treatments done here. im planning to move to melb late next year though. if i ever get anything done down there, ill prob go to the same place you did - they look pretty credible (info wise).

anyhoo, great to see another aussie in the boards and all the best :)

keep in touch with how you heal and all.

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Hey Sydney Fellow,

Yes its great having another Aussie close by :) I love this site but being based in Americana can sometimes make me feel a bit out of the loop. Yes so far I do recommend the place Iam going to - they are not cheap that's for sure but I trust they know what they are doing and the nurses are terrific. With the browining that is exactly what I first thought - iam going to peel - but nothing!!.

I have looked into peels briefly, esp. the lactic acid ones I have seen do good things. I suppose I went for the vbeam because I thought it would help with my shallow scarring more effectively but I dont think thats the case.

In regards to my skin, I have little white heads popping up everywhere the laser hit, but im not too worried about them yet because they are tiny. Apparently vbeam is also really good at killing any submerged acne. So maybe my mini breakout is from the numbing cream residue that was feft on my face overnight.

Improvement wise, I see no dramatic changes - the really red patches I had on my cheek with was from pimples about 4 months ago that have remained bright red (they even prompted Dr. Goodman to say I must have had a recent breakout they looked so fresh) they have hardly changed at all. My left side is looking a little more even and fresher - but the really noticeable red marks are definitely still there.

My skin started to flush last night like the good ol accutane flushes I used to get and I was a bit concerned. Also it has been really itchy - and last night while I was in the depths of reading I actually started to scratch my skin with my nails unconsciously of what I was doing. When I realized I had my nail on my cheek I stopped. but i hope i didnt do any damage - what an idiot. :whistle:

It was weird as well because i never ever touch my skin except when iam cleansing/moisturizing. people know not too touch either because iam so senstive about it. Actually at work the other day when i was saying i might need some time off with this treatment my boss actually stroked my cheek and told me not to worry. It was funny coz normally in that situation I would freak but I didnt I took it as a compliment instead that he wasnt repulsed by my skin. But if my b/f touches my face? well lets just say he woudlnt dare...

Acne has given me some strange strange quirks

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hey guys!!

i am a fellow Aussie and from melbourne.

i was wondering about scar treatments too and wow what a price, but the rebate sounds too good to be true! Are u on a concession card or hit ur threshold, then it would be the best time to do it!

so nice to see other aussies here!

I am on week 7 on epiduo and clindatech.....i still look like crap and i am 31!

Week 13 of acne. sigh.

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i am looking around for solutions too. My skin has red acne spots all over and it doesnt seem to go away. I'm new to this site as i was initially being hopeful that it might go away on its own.

but i guess not..

so just started looking a laser treatments.

Frida, i know it's only a few days since your treatment, but so far.. would you recommend it?

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can i ask what products u have tried before turning to laser?

i am put off doing laser, i was hoping the derm could give me something to help fade the marks.

so yeah what did u try first?

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Hey Guys :)

So it has been nearly a week since my vbeam treatment and the results are dissapointing to say the least. My skin looks exactly the same. :rolleyes:

I mean it will be interesting to see my before and afters but I see no visible difference.

I was prepared for this so I guess Iam not surprised.

Currently my skin has litttle white heads that are healing and still looks a little reddish in some parts. Also it has been crazy itchy.

One thing i can think of is that my derm did say it works below the skins surface.So there could be some hopethat the itchiness maybe could indicate some healing below the surface? Who knows?!

So to answer your question Zouk I would currently not recommend it - however

1. perhaps I would start to see improve benefit if I were to do multiple treatments

2. I have also seen people get great results after only one treatment so maybe I was just unlucky.

Also in regards to laser treatment from what I can undertand and from my own experience vbeam is one of the safest lasers, really minimum down time and pain in my experience. However i do know some people bruise from it.

Hi morgist - Good luck with your treatments I have been on epiduo and also a separate combo of bp and retin a and got completely clear :)

In regards to what I have tried before nothing to be honest. Vbeam was recommended to me as a first forray into scarring treatments. I finished a course of accutane/roaccutane for us aussies in i think oct/nov last year. so its been around 6 months before I was able to do any scar revision.

My next step is fraxel i think but we will see

I see my derm in a few weeks and then we will take after pictures and Ican finally post some before and afters and you can be the judge!!!


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glad to hear you are healing well. i have to admit, im keen to see your pics. be prepared to be flooded with replies recommending treatment options :)

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Heya chick. Long time and all that jazz. :P Hope the treatment works out for you! x

Hiya Stace! :)

How was o/s???? Did you hava ball? I hope so :)

Drop me a message and tell me all about it :)

On a side note - I havent seen my derm yet so no pics yet. BUT I have had two people come up to me and tell me my skin is looking a lot clearer....

To be honest I havent noticed much of a difference at all but it could be hard to judge as I stare at my face everyday.

But I just thought id post because it has been two weeks since my treatment and the 2 people that commented have consistently seen me in the past two weeks but only just commented. So maybe vbeam takes awhile to do its stuff???

Who knows.

P.s Iam serously punking on this fraxel biz. I really dont know if I want a laser like that on my face...

Love frida.k xx

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I've had one treatmeant of v beam and 5 fraxel restores....

The no apparent redness more than likely means that the doctor didn't treat your skin aggressively. I was informed prior to my treatment that if I wanted results in just 1-2 treatments, than I would have to get my skin severely bruised but if i was willing to come in 4-5 times than it'd leave some redness for a day or two. I chose to have my face purple for 5 days but I guess if you have work or school than you'd be forced to have the half a dozen treatments.

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Frida - I've done 2 courses of VStar laser (facimile of VBeam) and you will require multiple treatments to see results. As well, as someone has mentioned, the stronger the tx (and therefore, the more bruising and downtime you will have) the faster the results. I believe I had 4-5 treatments each course, over the span of 4-5 months. I was satisfied with the results but definitely do not remember noticing anything after the first treatment. Good luck!


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Hey Everybody,

SO an update. Thanks for all your replies. I think my derm was being cautious with me considering this was my first treatment and I expect this was a pretty responsible course of action. I had my before and afters taken and unfortunately I have broken out quite badly AGAIN. Am on the verge of Accutane again, for the second time. which means a complete halt to my scarring treatments and also that my before and afters were completely trashed. :wall:

HOWEVER, despite my afters being ruined by acne It was very obvious that my skin that hadn't been affected with acne scars red and indented looked really nice. Unfortunately because I had severe acne across my entire face the unblemished skin is few and far between but it was extremely noticeable. Now whether I can attribute this to vbeam or not I am not sure. Also I had some minor fresh red scars on my upper cheek before I had vbeam and the afters had demonstrated they had been completely removed. So I guess this pays kudos to the theory that vbeam works super on new scarring.

Iam really frustrated at the moment - just when I thought i was getting active, getting rid of my scarring and acne free, acne comes up and bites me on the ass again. WHAT THE HECK did I do in a psat life to deserve this shit is beyond me. I just cant leave acne behind. It loves me super hard. If only clear skin loved me more...

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