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Defense Soap

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I've been suffering with chest acne for months now, and being a girl that really sucks.

And its summer which makes it even worse! =(

But I've been looking for a cure, and I'm willing to try anything. I found this online


It's called Defense Soap.. it looks like it might work. I don't know. What do you think? Should I try it? Would you? It can cure ringworm fast and stuff. I don't know, someone on Yahoo! Answers told me to try it. Please help =( lol

Thanks :D

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Hello ive been using Defense soap Bar For about two weeks now on my face an entire Body, So far it cleard my back an an chest up pretty good but as for my face it seem to be healing the exisiting acne on my neck an forhead but also creating more acne in those areas SMH my prviouse face wash was cetaphil which kept new pimples at bay but wasent healing the exsiting ones. so for now im going to continue with the defense soap bar an cross my fingers that it works lol but IF ANYONE ELSE IS USING THE DEFENSE SOAP BAR REGIMEN BEACUSE YOUR A VERY ACTIVE PERSON SUCH AS LIFTING AN DOING MMA PLZ Let Me KNOW WHAT YOUR RESEULTS ARE> srry for all caps =)

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