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Hi everyone, just joined the forums today because I need some help D:

Here's about me: 14 year old girl, USUALLY very mild acne (blackheads usually, ocassionaly little whitehead or zit.) However, occasionaly I get a bad break out :(

This is what the main problem is:

I get these hard bumps that look red, but nothings sticking out of the skin it's just an underskin bump I guess? So basically I don'y know how I can possibly treat it D: I never usually got these before, I used to have really good skin but recently these have been popping up a lot, hence why I'm posting here!

Most are kind of medium size on my forehead, but sometimes I get a bigger one on my nose, cheek area or forehead and I have NO idea what to do about them D: They're really ugly looking and hard, when I feel it it feels like there's a hard little ball under my skin or something.

That's my main problem, but I also get blackheads on the nose and these tiny, non inflamed bumps on my forehead that never go away. Also on the cheeks random red little bumps! So any help on treating any of this would be very appreciated!

Here's how I usually take care of my face:

Biore Ice Cleanser once a day

Neutrogena Apricot Scrub usually once or twice a week

Biore Cleansing Nose Strip when the blackheads get bad and I want them out ASAP

Sometimes use a combination skin moisturizer, I don't always get good results when I use it so usually I don't

My skin is kind of oily in the nose area mostly... I really miss my clear skin and will do anything to get it back :( Please help!

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Ahh yes, those are some of the worst kinds (not as bad as cysts though obviously). In terms of preventative treatment: There is lots you can do, but you'll have to experiment around to find out what works for you. It might be topical stuff (ie-dan's regime), it might just be diet changes, it might be vitamin supplements, it might be antibiotics, it might be other prescription medicine. We honestly can't tell you what will work for you though-you have to just experiment around and find out for yourself. Search around the forum and you'll find a lot of information.

As for getting rid of them: Sadly they usually take forever to go away. Maybe a week to develop, a week to get rid of, and a week to fade away. That's how it was for me anways. Pretty annoying. I used to prefer using AHA to make them surface faster, and get rid of them quicker.

Hope that helps. Good luck to you :)

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As a side note, the strips for removing blackheads are one of the worst things you can do long-term. Sure they unclog your pores for the moment, but they're bound to make your blackheads worse over time. For me, since using Jojoba oil on my face occasionally, my blackheads have pretty much cleared up, and my skin doesn't get oily. I also use a makeup remover that's oil-based, which really helps to balance my skin. Ever since I stopped using products made specifically for "oily" skin, my skin has, ironically, been much less oily.

I do have some hormonal cystic/pustular acne that I'm trying to heal up with antibiotics etc, but other than those marks my face has been doing really well.

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I know they're not the best, I only use them for emergencies haha!

And I know there are probably lots of ways to get rid of them, but if anyone could share their method it would be great!

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I think you should stick to the basics.

Use a gentle cleanser.

Treat your face with benzoyl peroxide.

and moisturize.

My tip is get your skin under control without irritating it, otherwise your skin won't be able to heal.

Read Dan's recommended products. try them out. they should help.

good luck!

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