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2 wks on in...gained 5 lbs!

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Any advice on the gaining weight on Accutane? I have only been on 40mg once a day for 2 weeks now and gained 5 lbs. I'm not doing or eating anything different than before. I want to start dieting but not sure in what fashion. No carbs? All fruits and veggies? I don't know. I am very self concious about my weight and if this keeps up I don't think ill be able to stay on tane. Does the weight come off once you stop taking tane?

Any and all advice would be apprieciated!

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I've never heard of Accutane causing weight gain although of course everyone's different. Are you also on birth control? That might be the more likely culprit. Gentle exercise. Standard for weight loss: consume fewer calories than you expend.

Take a daily walk, drink plenty of water. If you are hungry, drink water instead. Eat multiple small meals a day. And plenty of water. :)

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I'm not on birth control. I will definately be watching my calories now althought I never needed to before.

Thanks for the advice.

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Calories in vs. Calories out. Multiply your weight by 15 and try to get that in calories, if you're still gaining weight try to cut 100-200 calories off per week.

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