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How Acne is effecting my life

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Hi there,

I just want to explain to people, how acne can effect your like(alot), like me.

Well, I've been getting spots for 2 years. Some go away, some come back. I've been trying 1 year to try and get rid of my acne, but nothin' has worked out for me.

Ever since I've got acne, I've spent 2 years just in my house(apart from when I GOTO school). Every time I go out, I always see people looking at my chin, and four head. I now consider myself a freak. Every time when I wake up & GOTO wash my face, I look at myself and think ("Ewww"). I got so wound up, I start to pop my spots, and that starts to make them worse. Sorry, but I couldn't help it(Now I can after 23 months).

I know this Girl who I really like called "Alyce Miller". I know her from a friend telling me to go ask her out for him(wired I know, lol). After that, I sat down with her and had a chat. I though she has a great personality, and looks beautiful. After 1 week talking to her, I started to get spots(remember the 2 years), then I stayed in an avoided her. After 24(2 weeks), I found her on FB, and started talking to her. She still had that personality that made me smile. Every Wednesday & Sat & Sunday, she comes down to her Dad's(9 doors up the road), she tells me on FB to come outside and have a talk since we haven't spoken in adges, for the past 2 weeks, I have had to make-up excuses not to come outside. I feel very sad since I really want to talk to her. She's the only Girl I have ever really liked. I see her face. Looks clean, beautiful. And Stunnin'. I look at mine, and think Spotty. Yet again, Acne has effected my life(IN A HUGE WAY).

These are the thing that have effected my life, in a big way.

Now, that I can control poping, I do this method.


Wake Up > Bathroom > Sink (COLD WATER) / Add in Dove soap > Put my face in water for 2 minutes > Add Nivea Create / Leave For 15 minutes > Add clearisil Face Wash / Leave for 15 mins > Put on TCP(gently over face) >>>>

I do that ever 1 1/2 Hours.


Same Method:

It's starting to help, but more start to keep coming back.

Well, I hope you understand how Acne can really effect your life.

Thanks, for reading(if you did)

Rasheed Saeed - Renkia

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Be a man and talk to the damn girl. I don't really care if guys have acne it shows that they can get over stuff like that although acne is a bitch I know. Luckily girls like me get to wear makeup to cover up our flaws. Talk to the damn girl or you'll regret it in the future. Guys can have acne, its like a double standard. Be a man.

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I agree, a guy having acne would not stop me! :) and im not just saying that because i have it.

I go swimming at the sports uni in my home town and its full of young guys who are obviously athletes and i almost drown looking at them.haha and yes many of them too have acne,believe me the acne isnt what im looking at.hehe.

If it wasnt for the fact that im suffering with it and hav it on the brain 24/7 i wouldnt even bat an eye lid at other people with acne.


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Thanks for replying. I know I should be a man, but when I look at her, I feel like a disgrace. Sorry, I haven't yet the confidence to talk to her. :/

Thanks again for the replies. :)

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