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How to counteract facial bleaching due to BP?

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I wasn't sure if I should post this in the Cosmetic forum or here. Feel free to move this thread, my lovely mods ^_^

Ok, so I started the regimen about a month ago and am pretty much almost entirely clear (whoopee!). However, while the rest of my body is somewhat tanned since it's summer, my face in bleached WHITE. I wear makeup, but in a few weeks I'm going to be going to Virginia to visit my sister. I'm going to be living there, and I won't have my own room, so everyone who lives in her apartment is going to see me makeupless at some point (there are like 5 people living there). It wouldn't bother me, but it's so very very white, and my red marks/scars are very prominent.

Also, I want to cut back on the amount of makeup I use in general since I'm almost clear, and switch out my moisturizer, because what I use now (Eucerin Daily Protection) makes my face very white before it soaks in after 5 minutes, and is pretty greasy (but still a good product).

I get somewhat tan from outdoor activities, but I can't lay down in the sun because I don't want to damage my skin and I lack the time to do so anyway.

I'm not using AS much BP as I started out with, so I don't want to lower my dosage.


Here's the main point:

What can I do to fix the whiteness of my skin? Are there any self tanning moisturizers out there that will:

a) Work in spite of the BP, and

b) Not break me out

Thanks guys!

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Keep in mind that bp does not bleach the skin. http://www.acne.org/faq.html#bleach

If anything, the most common complaint is redness when using bp.

The paleness of your face is likely due to the fact that you are using an spf lotion each day, as you should be.

You could consider one of those self tanning lotions, although I have no experience with them at all and wouldn't know if they are any good.

Otherwise, I just wouldn't worry about it, to be honest.

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