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Anyone have a hard time getting an Rx for Accutane

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Let's see, I've been on the strongest concentrations of benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, Retin-A, and Differin.

Just wondering if you guys think I'll have a hard time getting a perscription for Accutane. Is it more based on your current skin condition, or things you've tried in the past that haven't worked? My point is that I've tried all these things, but none of them worked to get me clearer than 75% which is how my face is now. It's not that bad, maybe a few active infections on my face at a time, but the oiliness is another thing that's annoying also. As a result, I'm wondering if I'll have a hard time getting Accutane because my skin isn't too bad right now.

However, these consistent and mild/moderate breakouts along with my extreme oiliness are hell.

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I'm in the same situation. I have mild to moderate acne...the few pimples aren't that bad, but they are consistent. My skin is tremendously oily. Every time I go see a doctor, they don't want to give me accutane because my skin doesn't look that bad.

I've had a hard time and nothing has worked for me....every anti, retin-A, differin, BP...I'm on tazorac right now...this is my last chance.

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I had a very similar problem/experience with getting my Rx for accutane.

I don't know how health care works in the states but in Canada, your family doctor refers you to a derm, and the derm administers the accutane.

My family doctor and I tried many acne medications over the last few years such as minocyclin, doxycyclin (vibramycin), clindoxyl, solugel (aqueous BP), and a slew of others to no effect.

I don't have severe acne, just persistant, mild/moderate acne.

My family doctor refused for so long to send me to the derm. He finally did. after waiting 2 months for a derm appt, the derm told me no to acutane and said to just keep doing what i was doing.

i was obviously not happy with this.


I found myself a new family doctor, who refered me to a different derm, and low and behold I got my prescription for tane.

Now there are many that are against the use of accutane for anything but severe cystic acne, but some, like I, advocate the use of accutane for mild acne, if it is not being resolved by other meds, and/or if the acne is causing psychological problems as it was in my case.

taking accutane was the best decision that I made in the last few years. I emphasize the word "I" because it was ultimatley me that had to work to get the wheels in motion to get the med.

sorry for the long post, but to make simple cribs notes, It was not easy to get my Rx, but if you are that gung ho on taking it, you'll be able to get your Rx some way or another.

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