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shipping to Canada, avoiding UPS

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I'm about to order some more regimen products, but last time (about 1 year ago) it arrived by UPS and was a pain.

It's not feasible to ship my order to work, so I had to ship it home. I work on weekdays, so UPS came by twice, gave up and sent the package for pickup back to their "regional headquarters" which is in the middle of nowhere (by the airport). It's only open during weekdays so without a car I had to take 3 hours off work just to go pick it up. Ugh.

By contrast, when I've gotten other things shipped via Canada Post, when I'm not at home to answer they drop it off at the nearest outlet. There are dozens of outlets in the city and it's not a problem picking it up.

I want my next shipment to come from Canada Post, or at the very least not from UPS! What shipping option should I pick? I recall last time there was no option of courier, only of shipping "type" like ground or air, which is misleading.

I just want to avoid UPS, thanks!

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OK, looks like UPS is now listed as an option. Here are the options:

$32 UPS Worldwide Saver

$29 International Flat Rate

$12 First Class Mail International

$38 Express Mail International

$25 Priority Mail International

Obviously I'm going to avoid the UPS option, but what about the other ones? Which one actually means Canada Post?


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You would pick First Class Mail international or any other option that the US Postal Service (USPS) provides. It will be delivered by Canada Post once your package arrives in Canada.

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Yep, I live in Canada and I always go with first class mail international and it gets here by Canada Post.

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First Class isn't available anymore. Seems like it depends what you're buying. A few days ago I put a "starter kit" in the cart just to see the shipping options, but now with my real order (16oz treatment, 3x 16oz moisturizer) first class isn't listed anymore.

My choices are:


International Flat Rate Box

Express Mail International

Priority Mail International

I was able to see my previous order (actually from 2008) and it says it was shipped via Priority Mail, which turned out to be UPS. The US Postal Service does have a Priority Mail service on their website, so I don't know about cl425's advice. Maybe danielkern.com changed its shipping options since 2008, and my previous order wasn't really via Priority Mail?

Help! I just don't want a repeat of the last UPS episode.

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