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Epiduo on the regime?

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I've been on the regime for 8 months now. I'd say my results have been very good, but not perfect. I'm considering trying epiduo (retinoid + 2.5% BP) at night with the regime during the day. Anyone else try this?

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Im glad someone posted results after 8 months. I just started and ive been wondering what i can expect. I know some poeple clear up perfectly, theyre the ones posting pictures. But alot of people arent.

In your case whats imperfect about your results? Still have acne? Or scars and red marks?


Ive been on it for one week and have seen SUBSTANTIAL results but i still have a way to go. I cant friggin wait for like 4 months to pass : D

And im gonna ask you because noone is answering my question:

When you put the moisturizer on at night, does it creep over your lips? Because that happens with me and ive been getting BP in my mouth when i sleep. Im following instructions very well but this keeps happening. I dont put it on my lips but it finds its way there.

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I don't use moisturizer at night. I know they strongly recommend it but I have very oily skin and have never have a problem. I've never had a problem with BP getting on my lips at night - that's a new one for me. I do put a bit of cetaphil moisturizer on my lips at night so perhaps that would help?

Because I don't have a problem with dry, flaky skin, I'm thinking of introducing a retinoid. Epiduo contains BP as well, so I think it may be good for those who have been on the regime for a while and tolerate it well.

Ask me anything else regarding the regime if you wish. Good luck!

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