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Hello everyone,


I would just like to go ahead and ask a basic question to everyone out there and have everyone hear me out and thn post their answers or results to this question/my situation.

Oily skin came around when i was 12 years old, so for 12 years now i have had to deal with it every single day since then. I get oily skin on my upper back, chest, around my neck, face, head/hair and in and out/around my ears.

I shower regularly and i shower in the morning everyday which is a must, no questions about it and that helps me start my day.

If i don't get good sleep though, my skin gets very oily the next day, and i require a shower and then i may be good for a few hours i will have to shower again.

If i drink half a squeeze of lemon in the morning every second day with water, then my skin produces a little less oil, it's something i have noticed. Though it is no permanent fix, it just keeps the oil away for sometime during the day, but also i do get oily skin even if i do drink a squeeze of lemon in water at times

I have been on accutane/another name but same product once when i was younger, while i had oily skin, but it was because i had acne, but i can't take it again, for personal reasons, so it is out of the question.

If anyone has any tips, tricks, ideas or basic remedies for basic oily skin, then post your response.

Things which are working for you, have worked, or anything you have heard, apart from rubbing oil in your skin - unless it truly works.

Even if there are good creams out there which absorb the oil on my skin that i can leave on, and have a refreshing feel to it, then yes. Also if the cream break

s the oil down etc, then that would be good, i shower too regularly, and it does my head in and wastes my time throughout the day etc. Not only that is is very uncomfortable, a horrible feeling and really yukky to endure.

What are some ingredients in creams or gels i should look for when i purchase them, inexpensive ones though, or natural home made remedies to make a cream, etc. What have you tried? Wipes, cleaners even?

I hope everyone responds, it be helpful and a lot of relief if i find something that i can work with, permanently or even to help in the mean time.

Thanks heaps.

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Has anyone tried Sapoderm soap?

It's to reduce really oily skin.

I bought some today. It cleans the skin well, but i just wonder how long it keep the oil away, for now so far so good.

I will pay attention to my skin in the next few days to weeks, and see how it goes.

See ya's.

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This moisturizer, Avene Clean AC have really helped my skin, it contain jojoba seed oil. I also use paper to absorb oil in my face from time to time. I use it only for the face.

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The way Sapoderm reduces oil is by it cleaning the skin well deep in the pores. So far it hasn't been too bad, no great difference in my skin being less oily, but i will be trying it for a few weeks.

The Avena Clean ac, i may give it a go, thanks.

The tissues or wipes sound good, but i have a lot of area to cover from chest upwards, but still a great idea.

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This same thing used to happen to me when I was in high school. I would be so oily when I woke up.. even my hair. I never understood it. How old are you? I'm 20 now about to be 21 and It's completely changed.

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Hey Lipslike sugar,

Yehh it's been ongoing, day in day out, non stop.

I have had horrible oily skin for the past 12 years, so basically when i was 11 to 12 years old, i never understood why my skin was producing so much oil. It's like your body is changing completely, whether it is because of puberty of not, and it's not the acne that bothers me, it's the actual oil. It's to some extent depressing and to put yourself back on track, a quick shower does the trick and everything is fine. It's not in the mind either, as it is a a residue of oil on my skin that gets produced every hour, even when I'm asleep, the same thing, oil is produced, i have to shower each morning.

This may sound draining what i have said, though in a day to a week, it becomes repetitive the way i deal with it and life in general.

What significant changes in your life you have you noticed or think back to when you started getting oily skin that may have caused it all?

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