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Getting frustrated-- 3 days into week 7... encouragement needed!

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Hey guys,

So as the topic states, I'm almost halfway through week 7, which is so weird. Time just flies...

When I started the Regimen, my left jawline and chin were pretty broken out. My forehead was relatively clear, just red marks, and my right jawline was also mostly clear.

I purged in the beginning and all kinds of gunk came to the surface on my chin. It sucked. Same with my jawlines.

6 weeks later my jawlines are clear except for a few clogged pores, and half my chin is clear. The tiny portion that's not totally clear has blackheads that I THINK resolve but then don't. I can deal with some clogged pores, but I just don't want them to turn into zits. THAT I don't think I can handle

I went through a very flaky phase, and now I'm just KIND of flakey. I'm still red, though, and my skin tone just doesn't look very good. I am following the Regimen pretty exactly (except my forehead, which I don't think really needs it).

So, I'm not breaking out on a daily basis anymore, and I don't really get huge zits anymore. If my one spot on my chin does break out it usually makes a yellow-head and then goes away, leaving a red mark, of course.

When this nightmare began I remember being so thankful that my cheeks were "unscathed"-- I never get acne there, and that's good because the cheeks are the most important part in creating a healthy looking complexion, I think. Now, though, my face just looks slightly discolored. I am not even using a full finger of BP (since I'm only doing this on about a third of my face) and I STILL get tiny zits a few times a week, maybe, on my chin, and those stubborn blackheads AREN'T resolving, and I got a few more clogged pores on my chin just for the hell of it this week (period?). Ugh. In the meantime, I think that BP IS prolonging the red marks and I feel like my whole complexion is really fucked up now.

Help. I am using AHA once every other day or so and it burns. Does this turn me red? And why am I still red and a little flakey almost 7 full weeks into this thing?

I ordered jojoba oil last week but since I live in Japan it'll still take a week to get here. Will that help with the redness?

If I make my mom send me Mederma, can I use that on my redmarks?


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I'm past month 4 and I still have days with redness --- usually when I up my BP a little or when I try to use AHA. Then my face peels like it was a sun burnt, so I flake. I think it could be the AHA that's causing your redness. I had really burnt my face with BP and AHA probably around month 2 and then I stopped using AHA, really concentrated on moisturizing and being very gentle and got my face to a normal color and nice looking complexion, and then I tried to add more BP again and I burnt it again, and now third times a charm....from what I've read this is the process of getting your skin used to the BP or as moderators say "skin hardening"...ewww. So, I'm hoping this last time is it because for some people redness doesn't bother them much, but for me I can't stand it - especially when my cheeks are really red and then all around the edges of my face isn't...looks bad.

You might need to heal your face as if it was sun burnt -- really moisturize and let it peel. Then maybe add in a little AHA...but I find if you keep re-burning your skin the scaling and peeling just gets worse.

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AHA seems to be helping with redness... when I use it I'm generally a lot less dry in the morning. I still am, though, and since I live in JAPAN and since they DON'T SELL FACE LOTION HERE (just this moisture "water?") it's really frustrating.

I dunno, I am clearing up, just not as much as I want to be.

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