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ok i am on accutane almost on my 8th week and i have more scars than i have acne its just crazy. i have started using emu oil i might be five days in but ya they are frustrating. what is the best home remedy. need serious help it bothers me, also if by chance whats the fastest home remedy that will work like 2 to 3 weeks. who has had any experience with these? and how long does it take? which would you recommend?

tomato juice

cucumber juice

emu oil

aloe vera gel pure

lemon juice

rose water and sandal wood

potato juice- i heard this one works good and results are seen within two weeks

vitamin e oil

olive oil

and so on and so fourth.

oh or mederma


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Not sure what can get rid of scars. But I know that most information given about staying away from the sun is false, especially for acne sufferers. I am indoors most of the time because I play lots of video games, and hardly get any sleep. I hear that not getting enough sleep also ruins your body's natural healing process. And boy do I eat alot. I am suprised that I am not overly Obese. But, I think since I eat alot, that is why I get acne. I am left with all sorts of scars. People call me Scar Face, or Edward James Olmos. I say, stay away from cokes if you are drinking them. Stay away from refined foods. And try to eat as much natural foods as possible and drink only water if you can. That should prevent futures pimples/zits, and also prevent scaring. But what do I know, I eat lots of unatural foods and drinks. Beer is my favorite drink besides Dr Pepper.

I think the only True remedy is to be true to yourself. Your body. Treat it good and it will treat your face good.

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