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Toxins cause Acne!

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Hi. I have been a long time acne sufferer for many years. Since I was maybe 14. I am now 33 yrs old and I am tired of it. I tried many products as usual, just like all the others, and guess what? They hardly ever work. Just a few weeks ago I tried a new product called Zyporex. People claimed it leaves your face feeling soft and clean. But in my 8 days of using it, my face feels and looks dry and unhealthy after using it. So, I think regular soap does a better job. Preferably Irish Spring. Before I started with Zyporex, I was using this product called MaxClarity. It seemed to work great the first few days. But as soon as I started getting some sun light, even with spf 30 lotion, I started to get huge cysts . Also, MaxClarity did not feel natural on my skin. Before MaxClarity I was using Proactiv. Same results. There was a time before Pro Active that I actually cleared my skin, and it actually looked like it was glowing. That was the time when I bought the Book "Natural Cures they Don't want you to know" By Kevin trudeau. I followed the advice mentioned in the book for about a month. Basically starving myself a lil, and only eating fish, and wheat bread if any bread. If I ate beef, it was by itself and no bread. I did not think any of this was really helping, or something inside my brain was telling me "Cmon, this ain't working". Then that same month I had a family get together and they took my picture. I have to say my skin looked so good in the picture. I was amazed at the results. Then after that family get together, I went to McDonalds. And guess what? Next day skin was flaring up. So, after all the trial and error, I have concluded that We are what we eat. If you eat alot of pizza, then chances are you are a pizza face. And boy do I love pizza. And that is why I am a pizza face. But really, I am tired of the excuses that Bacteria is what causes acne. Sure, bacteria can cause acne. But from within! I touch my face with fingers all the time in certain spots, but end up getting acne elsewhere. Sebum causes acne? BS. It's not the cause. Toxins are the cause. Look at the people in the 1940's. Look at those old flicks, those old pics with railroad workers covered in coal. But not one zit. Yeah. I am very tired of all these excuses. So why am I not acne free today? Because It is so very hard to stay away from cokes. Been drinking lots of BIG GULPS since the age of 14. Big Gulps were these huge 40-60 oz cokes that were very cheap in price. Plus, lately I noticed I have been getting lots of zits, even while using Zyporex. But, I just realized that I am a compulsive eater. I eat and eat and eat and eat. I don't give my stomach time to digest! This is something I am going to have to work on because I know it is damn near impossible for me to stay away from all these toxic foods. The least I could do is limit myself from them. I should stay away from them, then maybe I can have clear skin once and for all.

Oh yeah forgot to mention one thing. When I was in the military, most of my acne was pretty much gone. I think it was because of all the excersize. Because I ate alot in the military as well. But of course my stomach probably digested better with excersize. People who say food does not cause acne, probably do not have a clue because they are probably acne free. All I am saying is that excessive junk/toxins can and will give people acne. So after my vaction from work which I am on as I write this, I am looking foward to much excersize and limiting myself from excessive food intake.

Oh yeah.. Also forgot. The reason why some people do not get acne, I think, is because some people just have better digestive/immune systems. So the toxins do not affect them. Or because some people just flat out stay away from the toxins.

Thanks for reading!

Pissed off Acne Sufferer ( Toxic Crusader )



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The only difficulty I have with your conclusions WraithxL, is that I personally have fantastic willpower. If you told me to cut out anything from my diet and it would help me with my skin, I'd be able to do it, no problem. Because of the current causes of my outbreaks, unfortunately I can't get complete control through diet, and probably lots of other people are in the same boat.

I do agree however that acne can be the result of toxins in the blood, but clearing it quickly can be problematic.

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