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Help Urgently Needed - Does anyone else experience moisturizer creeping around to areas you didnt apply?

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When i put the moisturizer on at night, it creeps over my lips. Because of this ive been getting BP in my mouth when i sleep. Im following instructions very well but this keeps happening. I dont put it on my lips but it finds its way there.

When i put the BP on at night it stays in place just fine and seems to dry well. But when i apply the moisturizer my skin sweats it back out or becomes very greasy in feeling and the moisturizer has been sliding over my lips when im not putting it on my lips ( i follow dans youtube video exactly)

and its taking the BP with it and im getting BP IN my mouth and it burns and hurts.

Ive been on the regimen for one week, and im using one full pump of moisturizer. Am i using too much moisturizer for the beginning? (Could it be too much for summer?)

Any advice on how to prevent this from happening? The area around my mouth needs medicating so i dont want to stop applying it there.

If by some chance you suggest any products to put on my lips to prevent the moisturizer & BP from creeping over my lips, know that im a vegetarian and all products must be vegetarian friendly.

Please help im probably ingesting small amounts of BP, and its killing my mouth and throat!

Other questions:

My skin seems to dislike the moisturizer. Im not having an allergic reaction but it doesnt want to absorb and hold it. It makes areas of my face sweat it right out and/or my skin ends up with a really thick layer of what feels like oil/grease.

My skin wasnt THAT oily before. This happens over night and during the day when i apply moisturizer.

Why is this happening? What should i do to counter it? Right now im in the beginning of the regimen so im just grateful that its working but later when im all clear and want to continue with my life all that grease is going to get in the way.

How successful has everyone been with the clearing of red marks and acne scars? Im concerned about that too, though its still way too early to know whatll happen in my case. I was wondering what the success rate is on that.

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