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:boohoo: I've had acne for 8 years now and I'm only turning 16. My acne is incredibly bad and I'm honestly desperate. My skin is SO sensitive so almost any medication irritates it :redface: and now this Epiduo gel has me so pensive, I really wish to try it, but I see review with negative and positive effects, :shifty: and I feel that I can't afford any more acne scars so please tell me what you think I should do. I know I need to go to a dermatologist and see but before that I would like to absorb some opinions. :confused: Please help, Thank you. :think:
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I have tried every and I mean every acne px medication on the market since high school and have suffered with acne for years. I recently started using Epiduo gel and have seen a noticeable improvement, I do not have sensitive skin. The key I have found over the years is to balance your skins moisture level even though it seems like the oil is what is causing the problem. So get yourself a good cleanser, I use Philosphy's Purity Made Simple because it cleans your skin without stripping it especially if your wear makeup, another good cleaning tool is the Clarisonic (One of Oprahs favorite things), I know its pricey but you can get the Clarisonic Mia for 130 bucks and QVC usually offers it on a payment plan but will ship it to you immediately. So after using a good cleanser then use your px from your doctor and once it dries add a light moisturizer on top. I get my mositurizers from Sephora they have several organic brands that will not burn your skin when you put it on. You may have to use the Epiduo gel every other night or even every 3 nights depending on how sensitive your skin is. You will need to determine this on a day by day basis and scale back if your skin gets to peeling or red. In my younger days I thought using more than then recommended dose or more often would clear the acne faster but this just makes the side effects worse and you think the product can't be used. So to recap:

1) get a good cleanser

2) use only the recommended dose

3) scale back as your skin gets sensitive

4) get a good calming moisturizer to put on top after the gel dries

5) be patient, it will probably take a few weeks to really see improvement

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Lord, don't bother with epiduo, it's outrageously expensive...even if your insurance covers most of it. You can get better results by simply getting differin (which now comes in a cheaper generic form!) and BP (Dan's is the cheapest, and hands down the best), and using them at different times (morning and night).

The thing about differin and other retinoids (and hence, epiduo) is that the results can take an obnoxiously long time to show up. And things can get really bad in the meantime, with the purging, etc. But if you can stick with it, and be consistent, retinoids have the potential for some of the best results I've ever seen (both in person, and on the board).

And its much more likely you'll see clearing much sooner...months later is a worst case scenario. Especially if you're concurrently using benzoyl peroxide, which will work its own fun magic.

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