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How bad was your acne?

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How bad does your acne have to be in order to get prescribed Accutane? I have moderate but persistent acne. It seems like no matter what i use, it just doesn't work. Many acne treatments i have used seem to make my acne less bad but its still there. I also have cystic acne. I'm done with acne and want Accutane. So how bad was your acne when you got Accutane? Do you know how bad it has to be? And how quick did you see real results?

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i'm on accutane right now, and im only about 3 and a half weeks into it but i can already see improvement. my acne wasn't severe, it was moderate but very persistant, like yours. i literally tried everything, from prescription gels and creams to various antibiotics and lasers and peels and microdermabrasions. nothing worked, and i'm young myself, i didn't want to wait it out and see if i would outgrow my acne and have it ruin my teenage years. so hopefully my skin continues to improve, in my opinion its worth it but then again im still pretty new to accutane but i really think that from here on out my skin will only continue to improve. hope this helps!

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I think the fact you have cystic pimples is a sign that you should go on Accutane.

I have moderate acne, rather persistent (although micro-dermabrasion worked wonders, i must say) but i also have cystic pimples.

This is why my derm prescribed it, because you dont want to get the hideous ice-pick scars from deep cystic pimples.

Go see a dermatologist and express that you want Accutane. Hopefully he/she will guide you in the right direction.

It probabably is your best step, because medicine such as Doxycycline and birth control doesnt seem to have a huge effect on cystic zits.

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Thank you so much. You both pretty much helped me make the decision to go for accutane. So now i just gotta find a derm because my regular doctor just seems so ignorant when it comes to acne. I think its going to be harder to get my mom to let me use accutane more than the doc tho when he starts talking about the side effects. Oh yeah Tash i'm a guy so birth control probably wouldn't help me much anyways ;-)

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