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Naturally Acne Free!

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Well I had nice sallow skin until I was about 16 and then I began to get a few spots as most teenagers do. i was horrified and of course went down the route of Clearasil etc to try rid myself of these terrible things. These do work for some people but that just aggravated my skin to a level that would be worthy of accutane. I found this site and it all started to improve from there. i did the whole BP thing and and after an initial terrible outbreak things began to get better. However BP left me with a terribly red face that has only gotten better in the last few months(2 years later!) and still had scars + spots.

I decided to go down the natural route to try and heal my skin and rid myself of spots.

After much experimentation, I found the following probably is one of the best and also quite unknown for acne prevention from a a book written by Alfred Vogel. Molkosan. Whats that? Its actually lactofermented whey, a drink usually used to help gut flora. But it is acidic and is an excellent killer of bacteria.

I made a homemade cleanser that I threw in an old cleanser bottle using:

1/4 Molkosan

1/6 Apple Cider Vinegar

1/4 Witch Hazel

1/6 Rose Water

Rest water

I know its watery but if you put it in your palm and rub in well or a cloth is ideal!!

Well using a cloth or clean towel I usually gently rub a towel in circular motions after applying the cleanser for about 20 seconds which really gets rid of all dirt etc. (Be very gentle if you have any big sensitive spots in case you burst them. if you do burst them, dab immediately with cleanser)

Then another wonder product for me has been Weleda Skin Purifying lotion that comes in a green bottle. Its small but just a small drop in the palm of your hand will do your whole face. This product is fantastic.

Its moisturizing and anti-bacterial and is the main reason my normal skin colour has returned.

I know it contains oils but I have not had any breakouts with this product and I have had breakouts with all other oil methods/products so its oil content must be low.

Also a great facial mask that could be done every week or so:

Natural yoghurt 1tbsp

Honey 1tbsp

egg white(whipped)

Mix in a bowl and leave for about 20 minutes before using above cleanser etc

Honey is a great healer for old scars!

Anyway hope this works for someone out there. It really has made a big difference to me. I can now face the mirror and people taking photos of me!!

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