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Tommy Lad

Hormonal acne questions

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Hi everyone, I've been reading on this forum for the last couple of weeks and felt compelled to post as I'm finding myself a little confused.

As a bit of background. I've always been prone to mild acne since my teens - the occasional spot here and there. Nothing too serious, totally manageable. Anyhow, I recently turned 25 (a month ago) and since then my skin has faced breakout after breakout. It's hard for me to really pinpoint the reason cause I have so many theories, but obviously one nagging idea is that it's possibly hormonal.

I'm just curious to hear how it is for everyone else. This for me seems almost as if it was an overnight thing. One day I went to bed and the next day my skin had completely changed and no longer responded to the things that once helped it. Is this possible with hormonal acne? I'd assume hormonal shifts would be gradual, not changing in a split second.

How long does hormonal acne take to actually form? Can it really be so quick? What is everyone else's experience with the first time of noticing it?

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Mine was basically overnight too. I woke up one day with 4-5 spots - not big blemishes, but spots, and then it's gotten worse from there. Then I had another big breakout about 4 months later.

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Mine was similar, I went out one night with a spot on my chin, by the time I got home it was huge, little did I know, it was a cyst and boy did i mess up my face! from ther the spots just kept coming!!

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