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So I don't know if this is something people have already tried but I'm going to tell it anyway. Last night I broke out so bad, I had my make up on and it usually makes me break out but I had to wear it because it's semi-water proof and I was going to the beach. So I came home and had about 5 active pimples, I got rid of 2 which were on the verge of bursting anyway so I didn't do much damage there. And afterwards I put both benzoyl peroxide 10% and Retin A .1% on my face which usually I only put the Retin A.

Usually when I wake up in the morning my acne is inflamed and looks horrible, I also usually have more acne when I wake up to deal with. This morning I woke up and my face looked so much better!! The hyperpigmentation from pimples that I had popped were almost gone and my face just looked so much more clear! So I'm not sure if it was the BP & Retin A, because I am also on Minocycline and have been on it for about a week now so I'm not sure if that's now working or what it was, but my face definitely looks better (knock on wood) lol. Also, my boyfriend's mom bought me St Ives Apricot Scrub for gengle skin and I used that last night as well so I don't know if that had an effect on it either.

We will see though, I'm going to use the BP & Retin A and I will report back tomorrow mourn!

Again, I'm not sure if someone has already tried this and reported on it, I just wanted to share what might be working for me to others.

And also, I was wondering, Neutrogena now has products with Retin A in them, are they only used to treat wrinkles or could they be used to treat acne as well?

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Retin-A and BP can be used successfully in the same skin care regimen, however, they should not be used at the same time of day. This is because the BP cancels out the effects of the Retin-A when you use them at the same time. You can use one at night and the other in the morning though. Lots of people have been prescribed this combination of products and it can work well.

I would not use the St Ives scrub though. Even the gentle version can be too harsh if you have active acne - it tends to irritate the skin, and may flare up inflamed acne. Also, since you are using Retin-A, your skin will likely be extra sensitive to irritants.

The neutrogena product is not the same as the Retin-A. It probably contains retinol, which works in a similar way to the active ingredient in Retin-A, but its effects are much weaker.

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