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Kitchen work and accutane

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I just finished day 40 of accutane. I have started working 30-35 hours a week behind a fryer and oven on the hotline of a restaurant. Ive always been a sweaty person but this is BAD. Im in chef pants and coat and cannot stop sweating. it POURS off of me. Ive notice this makes my skin break out a bit. Anyone else have the same situation and found ways to help control the sweat or breakouts.

Im really pleased with what i see. My face has been breaking out a bit but that may be cuz im in the sun a bit to (with sunscreen). My back has cleared up a lot tho. i actually take my shirt off at the beach cuz i used to have severe back acne. but i get the occasional cyst or two as well as red marks that are left over but are beggining to fade.

I just cant wait till summer vacation is over so no more beach temptation.

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It seems we are in similar situations. I am also on day 40 and work in a kitchen but I just started a few days ago, and I've only worked once because they made the schedule for the week the day they hired me, so they just have to throw me in where they can fit me until Wednesday. Anyway, they put me on dish for now until a spot opens up on pizza cook (it's like an upscale pizza and grill type restaurant) and I was really worried about sweating and making my face worse cause it is hot as hell back there and when the stuff slides out of the washer on the other side you get a face full of steam when you reach to pull it forward. I definitely sweat a lot for the 6 hours I worked the other night and was really afraid when I woke up the next morning but it's been three days and nothing new, just a couple cysts that were already there. Of course who knows what 4 or 5 days in a row could do, but I don't think it will really be too bad. I'd like to think that accutane is working AGAINST my acne way more than anything else (sweat, food, etc) is working TOWARDS it. I'll keep you updated though if I notice things start to go south.

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yeah man deffinatly keep in touch, i just finished a five day shift and my lower back got like 5 huge cysts on it, just as it was starting to look really good, my face broke out again to.. but ive been in the sun a lot and my bodys peeling so maybe that made the pores clog plus i started using a razor to shave again so thats contributing too.

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