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Massive pustules?

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I've been on the regimen for 3 days so far, and my skin feels great. I have a few questions, I've read the what to expect page and i'm getting these initial breakouts i think. I've grown 6 massive pustules, and i mean massive (Thank god i'm home for the next 2 days) and i've never had any pustules this big before. I was wondering if this is part of the intial breakout and how long it will last?

Also how do i treat these massive pustules? I don't want to pop them, so i've left them and they become really white at the center, then eventually become dull and like slowly kind of deflate (if you get me). Was also wondering if they leave behind marks, and how should i treat them and prevent any markings as best as possible. THANKS all !!.

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Yep, sounds like you're purging. Just keep doing The Regimen. The BP will help to dry up the acne, and over time, will help prevent new acne from forming.

Some people do report experiencing an upswing in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (red marks left after acne) when using BP, but until you're staying consistently clear, don't add in any extra steps. The red marks, if you get any, will fade on their own with time. Just remember that the key to preventing PIH is to prevent the acne that causes it in the first place. ; )

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:D thanks alot, just curious how long does purging normally last? And is it advisable to pop these pustules or just let them slowly die out?
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For the first couple of months on The Regimen, it's not uncommon to clear up, then break out, then clear up, then break out less severely, etc., etc., until you finally just stop breaking out. Most Regimen users see significant improvement by around the third month.

Purging, which can be slightly worse than your "normal" breakouts usually happens in the first few weeks. After that, the breakouts should get milder and milder.

You can leave them if they don't bother you. If you feel the need to pop them, just be sure to do it correctly.

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