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I must be the lowest dosage person on this forum? Maybe? I am on 20mg a day , and have been for 2 months. I have another month before I go back to the Dermatologist so this will make it 3 months . I am around 140lb . I am supposed to be trying roaccutane for 6 month's. Do you think the Dermatologist will up my dosage in August? I am yet to see improvements on this and I am on day 60 . :(

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Two months is still too early to be expecting big results, but 20 mg does sound like too low of a dosage to me, unless your doctor is planning to keep you on a low-dose regimen. When you see your dermatologist next month, make it a point to tell him you feel your dosage is too low and that you haven't seen improvement. By Month 3, many people start to see a big improvement, or at least, an improvement.

Good luck!

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I feel your pain. I was on 30mg's the first month, 60mg's the second month, and now I am back to 30mg's. My blood work was a little off so my doctor decreased my mg's. I understand but not very happy about it. I am not seeing any results either and I am worried that the doctor may not increase the mg's. Well good luck.

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I'm like 155 (not even I don't think) and I am on 4 times your dose (80mg per day). However, I am not sure if gender has anything to do with how high they will make your dose.. Like let's say theres a girl that weighs 170 and a guy that weighs 170 will they be on the same dose? Or will the girl be lower? I'm not sure.

Just try and be as patient as you can :) If you're on 20mg per day I wouldn't expect to see results til like month 4-5.

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