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Being post-tane and smoking cigarettes.

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Alright, so I'm 10 months post tane.

Before accutane, I used to smoke cigarettes or cigars socially with friends.

However, I gave it up because I had heard of a study done that involved patients getting a supplement very similar to accutane, and smoking tobacco, and their risk for lung cancer doubled.

I'm completely aware about the risks involved with smoking, but do you think I can smoke without this added risk? The accutane should be out of my system by now, right?

Only because it's the only med I know of that increases the risk Of smoking, If anyone has been on birth control, how long did you wait to smoke?

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If you're quit now, WHY oh WHY would you even want to start again! I ask this as a current smoker who has tried to quit more than 10 times and not succeeded each and every time. Don't start again! Sheeeeeesh!

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haha, its just an occasional/casual thing! and if you say thats how it starts, thats how i was able to keep it (maybe having 2 cigarettes per everytime I drink, about five times a week during the summer, maybe 3 cigarettes per week during school) previous to tane! plus its just different having the occasional cigar with some of the guys, compared to smoking cigarettes.

but my question is, would you feel comfortable partaking if you were 10 months post-tane!?

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