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Differin and the Regimen?

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Hey guys,

So I have been using Differin for about 3 months on my forehead. I have absolutely 0 active acne there and I haven't had a zit there in months. I have a few clogged pores, like maybe 4 on my entire forehead/temples. That's totally awesome... the last zit I DID have was the result of purging from beginning DKR-- three blackheads close together came to the surface at once and created a huge zit, and a huge redmark. Ha.

Anyway, I have read that using BP and Differin at the same time is OK because this retinoid doesn't get de-activated or something by the BP. But THEN I just read on the 'info about retinoids' post that BP 'increases barrier damage'. What is this, and should I stop with the BP? I can't help but think that one of the big reasons I haven't gotten any zits there in the past 6 weeks is because of the Regimen.

Also, I just saw Bek-cogent's post after 3 months on Differin and her face is IMMACULATE. Mine is generally clear as well, but I still have red marks. They ARE fading, very slowly but surely, and when I wake up in the morning before washing my face they are practically not there (but they are for the rest of the day). Is this because of the BP?

Thanks, I'm really interested in your input.

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I did, and he said that using BP at the same time as Differin is safe, but that it prolongs redmarks. I love my derm but there is a little bit of a language barrier...

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