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My Aesthetician Is Cheating Me?!

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Alright so this woman is really pissing me off. We called her a few days ago, asking if there's anything more I can do for my hyperpigmentation on my back. I've received several peels from her, and I haven't been seeing the results I wanted. The last time I went in there I basically told her to DO HER WORST.

I got a bit different sensation than what I had ever had before, but it's been three weeks and I see no change. Neither does my mother. I never visibly flaked. And she said the peel should have been completed by now.

So we called her. She called back just today and told us we could do a "Jessners Peel". I explored the forums and basically it's all bullshit. You don't see many results with this, and I'm asking, if I told her to do the most intense peel she could do on me, why did she do another fruit acid one and not take the next step up and do a Jessners Peel?

I wish she would just HELP ME because I'm incredibly frustrated, and I don't want to have to do 15 or 20 peels just to get results. I don't have time for that. I want to go to the freaking swimming pool in confidence before the summer is over. Basically I don't want to get another series of peels. I want her to suggest a laser treatment or something, but god forbid she suggest that because she wouldn't be able to perform it out of her own home, have to refer me somewhere else and therefore wouldn't get paid.

Seriously I'm frustrated and I don't want to confront her (obviously) because I'm not going to tell her how to do her job. I don't want to come across as pretentious and be like "oh well I did a lot of internet research, even though you went to school for it I'm right, blah blah" I just hate doing that.


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Go see a different aesthetician!!!!!!!! For real! Or, check out reviews for the peels sold at MUAC (Makeup Artists Choice) and have your Mom assist you doing a lactic or glycolic peel. I'm contemplating purchasing a 40-65% glycolic peel for my back and having my husband help me do it.

But honestly, ditch this aesthetician, you're just going to keep wasting your money if you already aren't happy with the results!

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Honestly, just go get your back tan. You won't even see them anymore and it will be a hella lot cheaper. It will also WORK.

I just came back from the derm and she said tanning is the last thing I should do because it'll make the scars themselves darker as well.

Also I like my pasty white skin, it goes with the whole package you know?

Spray tanning though is something I might do, if that's what you meant.

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I meant suntanning. I honestly don't think the sun makes them worse. I've had acne my entire life and when I was younger I would go in the sun all summer and my PIH (and acne) would get better. My PIH actually went away quicker when I did that.

Later, I followed all the stuff about avoiding the sun and they took forever to go away and some actually never did. I regret staying out of the sun. If I would've just gone in the sun like I always did before, I'd have less scarring now, because it really helped my acne.

people may argue that I'd have wrinkles but wrinkles can be fixed unlike scarring. Also, I spent every summer in the sun w/o spf and I have almost no wrinkles and I am late 30's. I think I would've been fine. Anyway, rant over. ;)

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Jessners is a pretty strong peel as I understand it, I'd give that a go, I was considering getting one myself as TCA 12.5% (5 layers) didn't even make my chest go read, or provide any peeling atall (5 days later)

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I use an at home microdermabrasion kit (such as Dermanew) along with Retin A on my back, and it works. I do it every day pretty much, but it's not an overnight solution. But it's quicker than doing nothing.

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I have very fair European skin and when I go in the sun, my red marks get much, much darker.

Same here. I have very fair skin and avoid lingering in the sun without protection for too long because I feel like it just enhances my red marks. I wouldn't lie out in the sun if I were you, it looks like you're quite fair also (a pale sister!) and you don't want to risk burning, especially since you've been having peels done on your back (that makes your skin even more sensitive). And I agree that you should see a new aesthetician. Unfortunately some people just don't know what they're doing and if she hasn't proved to you that she's capable yet she probably never will.

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Yeah I'm really white and personally I like it that way. I know my red marks will fade but I don't want to pay for sun damage later :(.

It just sort of goes with my overall look.

I actually do tan quite nicely though. I'm the darkest in my family (if you can believe that). But I look like a freakin' snow queen. I know for a fact my legs tan no problem. But the back of my neck, back, chest, shoulders, etc, get QUITE burned.

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