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well, where to begin. Acne invited itself into my life when I was of the ripe age of 14. It's funny, I remember watching TV commercials when I was 13 or so about blackhead cleansers and thinking, wow I'm glad I don't have to worry about that. Unbeknownst to me I would be privileged with a face full of acne for the next 3 years (maybe more?). The spot where acne plagued me the most initially were my upper lip and forehead. The acne was almost always pustules and blackheads. Over time, I did some research and started purchasing some cleansers, none of which did much at all. During the next couple years my acne would progress and I became very self conscious about my skin, and still am. Some of the products I've tried include a neutrogena salicylic acid wash, witch hazel toner, acne.org regimen, and another expensive regimen which did nothing but the name escapes me. The acne.org treatment actually cleared up the deep pustule acne I was having on the right side of my face, didn't do much else. The reason I stopped using the acne.org treatment was because my skin became so dry and flaky, even when using jojoba oil. Also, I really don't like the idea of putting acid on my face very much. I've also tried the OCM (oil cleaning method) with few rusults. Whiles it does clean some of my pores, it usually gives me a few zits after I do it. I don't really think it's worth it because the day after I do it my pores are already clogged again. Recently I've become much more interested in natural techniques for curing disease and I think acne can be cured naturally. Unfortunately I haven't had much success in it yet but I'm going to keep trying. About three weeks ago I did a liver/gall bladder cleanse thinking that my liver might be backed up with excess androgens causing my sebaceous glands to overproduce. I did not get any results from the cleanse but I hear a second cleanse might yield a result. The cleanse included eating about 12 apples/day for 3 days and drinking 3 liters of water w/ a lemon squeezed in each every day. The apples and lemon help loosen up toxins and bile in the body. It was pretty difficult eating only apples by the third day. After the cleanse, I started using supplements and improving my already healthy diet of mostly fresh fruit and veggies. I haven't had meat or dairy in about 6 months and my gluten intake is minimal.

Here's my routine:

wake up: wash face with hemp hemp hooray! cleansing cream (an all natural cleanser)

- steam face over pot for about 10 minutes

- shower...take small amount of baking soda and rub on face in circles, rinse.

- apply cider vinegar to acne areas (pretty much everywhere for me) rinse off 15 minutes later.

- moisturize with Bee Yummy Skin Food (all natural moisturizer)

at night I do pretty much the same routine.

As far as diet, exercise, and supplementation go...

my breakfast includes either fresh fruits and veggies, a smoothie, or a green juice. Recently I've been making dandelion, kale, parsley, lettuce juices which are the most bitter tasting thing ever but they have strong cleansing properties. I'm running cross country so I run every day usually.

the supplements I take include:

selenium 200mcg

dandelion root 1000 mg

vitamin E 400 IU

balanced b-100

zinc 50mg

primal defense HSO probiotic

chromium 200 mcg

vitamin A 10,000 IU

The condition of my skin now compared to 3 weeks ago is about the same. I'm getting a little concerned that I cannot clear up my acne alone. I may make a derm appointment but I'm worried they'll just try to prescribe me something . I'm not too big on pharmaceutical drugs. I really don't think prescribing a drug is solving the root problem, unless I have some kind of bacterial infection going on. Please don't mention accutane either. It was originally made to treat pancreatic and brain cancer and frankly, I'm scared shitless of it. If you've read my post, then thank you for taking the time. I really do appreciate it. If you've got any tips feel free to reply.

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