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So Im a 23 y.o male -84 kgs now on accutane 50 mg /day...im about week 16 or 17 now

Skin still sucks majorly =(

Redmarks, and cysts all over my cheeks

My derm today prescribed me an additional drug called prednisolone, which apparently is a steroid pill aimed at reducing inflammation , which is exactly how my face is looking right now.red and imflamed..

A) did anyone go through the course this long and still not see major improvements?


B) upon doing a bit of research (google :D , i found that many sources stated that acne was in fact a side effect of prednisolone!?..why is my derm giving me this then?

has anyone had any experience with this drug

any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys :)

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Seriously good stuff - honestly I had such bad cysts that I could hardly touch my chin and jawline and this stuff really helped. I couldn;t believe the difference it took all the inflamation away within 2/3 days.

I was prescribed 2 x 15mg for 7 days and then 1 x 15 mg for 7 days. I was only on a short course which I am glad about because one of the side affects can be weight gain!

Good luck the stuff will really help with the pain that these cysts cause.

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Thanks for the feedback coxy..

Hopefully I get similar results..my cysts are so persistent.

did it leave red marks after ur cysts went away?

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I assume this is the same as Prednisone by your description. The stuff I used was called prednisone instead of prednisolone, but it's obviously the same thing (cortico steroid). I used this right before I started tane, cause I was dealing with some MAJOR cysts, and in the fifteen days I was on it I had not one new pimple, and it made the cysts start to go away when not even cortizone injections would.

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Thanks for the feedback Bdon, I've been on these prednisolone/prednisone pills for 5 days now and I must admit I have seen improvement. No new cysts have formed and the existing ones have calmed down a bit.

I've still got just over 2 more weeks of this drug to go, so hopefully, it continues to improve!

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