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Benzaclin Help?

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There are very few directions when it comes to benzaclin. With Proactiv or Exposed there are booklets and a website with so many answers and directions. With Benzaclin they just say ask your doctor. I personally feel like i know a lot more about acne than my doctor (he isn't a derm). So... I need your help.

  • Is it bad to use a lot of benzaclin like Dan does with BP?
  • How long should i wait to put moisturizer on after applying benzaclin?
  • Is there such a thing as applying too much moisturizer?
  • Do you even recommend benzaclin?
  • How long did it take for you to get clear skin or see great results & how bad was/is your acne?
  • Does benzaclin prevent acne for you? It doesn't for me so far.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm so fed up with acne and i'm ready for clear skin. My skin isn't absolutely terrible but its still bad and i get cystic acne sometimes. If benzaclin doesn't work near perfectly then i'm going to accutane. Thanks! -Josh

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I've been on Benzaclin for about a month now, and I've definitely seen improvement, though I know sometimes it takes longer to see real results. For the first couple weeks, my skin was very dry and flaky and seemed to be "purging", but after that, certain areas are basically clear, and my biggest problem area is definitely better than it was - things seem to be moving in a positive direction.

I usually gently cleanse -> Benzaclin while my face is still a bit moist so I can spread on a thinner layer more easily -> wait about 15 minutes -> moisturizer. There's only such thing as applying too much moisturizer if you notice it's personally bad for YOUR skin, personally I definitely need it twice a day with Benzaclin, because it's quite drying.

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