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Okay, so I am almost done with week 3 of the DKR. Honestly, I'm pretty blown away. The first week my face cleared up so much. By the second week I was pretty much in shock. Acne (that I've had for 18 YEARS and done everything to treat) was gone. But I have learned a few things so far:

1. You will have another breakout, if not more than one. Especially if you are a chick, as we are blessed with whacky hormore shifts once per month. I was discouraged at first, but I stuck with the regimen and it cleared up pretty quickly.

2. Be gentle...you're skin is already pissed off at you, why make it more angry.

3. Jojoba oil, jojoba oil, jojoba oil! This stuff seems so counter-intuitive. It took me took me two weeks to even think about using it. I already have oily skin, like I need more of a sheen...but Dan is right, this stuff is awesome. I had some serious scaling and dry patches on my face. It looked pretty nasty, especially when I wore make-up. But now it is all fixed up. :)

So here is what I'm using:


DKR Cleanser


DKR Moisturizer (with a drop or two of JoJoba oil)

Bare Minerals Make-up


Jojoba oil to remove makeup

I also do a little massage with the oil after I take my make-up off and before I cleanse. It just feels nice. Someone on the other board mentioned it and it's an awesome idea. Just be gentle!

DKR Cleanser

DKR AHA Lotion

I will post again soon to let anyone interested know how things are going!

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