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Vicious Lyss

not an *important* suggestion, but may be helpful...

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Alrighty! Hi. :)

So I've noticed how a lot of people just quote and quote and quote, filling up the whole thread, and it annoys me a little bit to be honest, lol. So I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to be able to clean things up a little?

On a separate forum I go on, this is how it works. Someone quotes something, and it shows up like this:


This shows the last quoted quote in the sequence, rather than ALL of the quotes which can stretch the thread down and be a hassle. The person who quoted it writes underneath this.

You click the "Show Quotes" button, and it opens up to this -


And voila! This shows all of the quotes in the sequence. You have the option of looking at the quotes, or scrolling down peacefully to where you want to be without the bother of all the quotes you really aren't interested in reading. It fits comfortably and fits a normal post size rather than being exclusively long and tiring to scroll through.

So, of course this isn't necessary, but I thought something like this could help keep things so they don't get all stretched out and long. It's nicer (to me, anyways) to just see a regular sized post without having to scroll down through five quotes just to see the next post. Nothing big and I could live with not having it, I just thought something like this would be nice =) Not too sure how hard it would be to get this going though lol. But with the things we already have I can imagine it wouldn't be too hard to do. But I definitely don't consider this top priority so I understand if there's no time or if it's just not needed =]

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I too have noticed that this can become a hassle. Thats why I usually just hit "add reply" to avoid the whole super long post thing. However every time I do that, people don't know who I am referring to because what they said is not directly quoted. I'd love to see this on the org.

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this would lead to to less page turning on longer threads, seems like a decent idea.

you have the option to really skim through a thread faster, if you lose comments out of their context, then you have the option to see the quote.

perhaps this could be user definable, show thread quotes button, or hide quotes. then you have the best of both worlds, if thats possible.

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