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Found a soy-free "soy" sauce

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I can't eat soy because it breaks me out but I really soy sauce with sushi and tempura. I also miss when cooking. I found a soy-free substitute at Wild Oats for people with soy allergies. For those of you trying to avoid soy, you might want to try it. I think tastes better than soy sauce.

Raw Coconut Aminos by Coconut Secret

100% Organic




Ingredients: Organic Coconut sap aged with sea salt.

I can't find a webpage devoted to it, but they sell it at the health food store.


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i sooo wish it was available in Poland, along with brianna's poppy seed sauce http://www.noshtopia.com/2008/03/non-egg-mayonna.html mentioned here as a great healthy mayonnaise substitute, which i'm fortunately not missing that much due to sugar content, but i'm already working on getting hold of it by the time, when i'll be able to introduce some sugars... but soy sauce is one of the things i'm missing most...

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Are you guys sure soy sauce breaks you out? I mean, it's soy so thoroughly fermented that it turns into a liquid.. surely that metabolizes any problem compounds. And since its just a condiment, you're using tiny amounts..

I understand the avoidance of soy in general, but soy sauce is usually considered safe, even for paleo dieters.

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i am not sure. i don't really suffer from inflamed acne. i have awfully congested skin all over my face, on my head, on my neck, on my 'chest', on my arms, on my hips and on my back- honestly, all my pores seem to be clogged and transformed into blackheads, smaller a bit bigger ones, in these areas, and for all those places i have always <5 inflamed things, like whiteheads or pimples. so it doesn't really count as an inflamed acne. on my forearms and calfs i have only few blackheads or pustules, but they're not completely clear either. i can try to introduce it later (once/ if i get clear) to check if it hars me, but as for now i have to cut it off completely. and soy sauce is really bad, as i recognize my acne to be casued by mild hormonal disbalance (the way i put on weight would also point out to it) AND digestive issues.

Soy messes with your hormones, and there is also gluten present in soy sauce, which messes with your digestion. An absolute no-no for me. And I came to terms with giving up on it. But as I found out there is a healthy alternative available to some people, I just became jealous, and at the same time wanted to attract people's attention to it. Honestly guys, if you can exclude soy from your diet, do it. The same I think of peanuts. Check out almond butter or tahini (sesame butter). The first one I didn't check on, the second I totally love.

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i still would rather go for almond/ coconut or rice (if you're not aiming for paleo) milk. Soy has goitrogenic properties and intensive estrogenic activity that is truly beneficial only for women in menopause. Both of these features have not been reliably reported to be succesfully limited by known and widely conducted processing methods.

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