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Doxycycline Log

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Okay, So I got my month's supply already and its been about a week since I took the first pill. My derm told me to take 1 tablet of 100mg twice a day by mouth for 1 month, then 1 tablet of 100mg once a day by mouth for 2 months.

My Face = Clear :dance:

My Body = Moderate to Severe

We MUST swim freshmen year for gym class, so my goal is to be clear by then! (Red Marks wont bother me much)

My observations for doxycycline after 1 week have been actually really good. Some people said they don't see results after 6 weeks but the pore size on my back, chest, shoulders and really decreased, and it doesn't hurt when I sit down anymore. My Neck hopefully gets better I have 2- 3 pimples now, 2 by hairline and 1 right in the middle!

I'm gonna post every now and then to update my status of acne. If anyone could give me some advice while taking it, it would be awesome because im only 15.


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Forgot to add, I haven't experienced any side effects yet, such has upset stomach and the sun sensitivity seems to be okay for me. I skateboard 5 - 6 hours a day without getting sunburn. I wear a T-shirt, so I dont need sunscreen for my body, and wear SPF 30 on my face. :ninja:

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HOLY CRAP! I've been on this antibiotic since monday(less than a week) and my back, chest and shoulders are improving sooooo much!! I've got to take this for 3 months and im positive I will be 100% Clear by then! :clap:

For my face and neck! my face is usually clear, ive found a great way to treat it, but then I got a pimple on my jawline(didnt form a whitehead) its drying out now though. Still have the 2 pimples on the back of my neck tho! D: Hairline and right in the middle. Hopefully will go away soon cuz its drying up! :cool:

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HI, I just wanted to add, cause I read somewhere:

• Do not take bismuth (Pepto-Bismol®), calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, multivitamins with minerals, colestipol, cholestyramine, didanosine, or antacids within 2 hours of Doxycycline.

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