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I had moderate-severe cystic acne for almost 4 years, it had practically gone by the time I was 19 and a half. I am now a year on, I have had very little acne in this time. However I thought my acne was cleared so I stopped treatment ( I was only on Duac gel though).

It is now coming back, it has been the worst it has been in over a year and a half. It is really upsetting me a lot... I thought I had got rid of it. Now I have to wait a week and a half to get into the doctors who will refer me to a dermatologist (presumably), which will take at least a month and a half....

By then I fear it will be back where I was 2 and a half years ago. I can't take it... not again. I can see my skin getting red again, white heads springing up everywhere, and soon the cysts will be back.

What can I do while I wait to get into the doctors? I need something for my skin... anything. I know stress isn't helping but all I can think about is my skin, constantly almost 24/7. No matter what I do it won't leave my head. I really can't take it getting bad again.... seriously it just can't come back like it did. I feel so pathetic crying about it and getting angry over it but I can't help it. My self esteem is already low, and I was just starting to get it back, this will crush me.

Please any advice would help.

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Well, you're here on the acne.org boards...I'd recommend taking a look at "recommended supplies" and seeing about ordering some products and/or going to the store for some approved products. Dan's BP is probably the best BP you'll find out there, and another month and three weeks might just net you some good improvements before you meet with your dermatologist to talk about your options. Don't use any soap products, and don't be harsh with your face, whatever you do. Even if you don't use Dan's products those are the two biggest recommendations I have.

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I have started the regimen from today. I have also been eating better and drinking only water since my acne came back, so hopefully this helps.

I was already considering the regimen but I was just asking for advice in case anybody had anything else to add.

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hehe cool, im from preston in ye olde lancashire too! :)

I've emailed u on here!

wud be gud to chat xx

hiya i've emailed u again on here... i dont think it shows up as new messages tho so you have to go on ur inbox n click on the email :)

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