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study indicates acne is inflammatory disease

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I read the clinical study on the board that indicates acne is an inflammatory disease, it that is true, why would Predisone, a strong anti-inflammory cause acne?

Does anyone know if small or short doeses of predison cause acne?

I remember when I started accutane serveral years ago I was given Predisone to counter act

the initial breakout.

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I had to take a strong course of Predisone when I was a teenager due to a bad eczema flair up. I will say, my skin had never been clearer in my young life! However, I did gain about 15 pounds while I was on it. I guess for me it was a double edged sword.

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Predisone always kept me clear although I only took it twice, it did work both times to clear my acne. I always thought it weird that acne medicine that reduced P.Acnes didnt work as well as the

anti-inflammatory meds. like Accutane or Predisone.

This study indicates that p.acnes may only be a reaction that contributes to acne and the actual

underlying disease is systemic inflammation.

Does anyone know of a good RX or otc that has strong anti-inflammatory properties besides

Accutane or Predisone?

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Ibuprofen, Naproxen Sodium. Some allergy meds are useful for some, too. Zyrtec, Claritin, etc. There are some interesting threads about ranitidine as well, Zantac.

Prednisone is also an immuno-suppressant and messes with hormones; that may be one reason that longer use causes acne.

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Cool thanks Wynne, you seem to know your stuff. I'm going to research Ranitidine. I'm starting to believe this is an immune/inflammatory disease for me. seems it's a different disease for everyone and the symptom is just the same, hence all the conflicting treatments and reactions.

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