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BP irritating contact dermatitis on hands?

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As with just about everything that comes in contact with my hands, I've developed a reaction to the BP due to my contact dermatitis, unfortunately my usual routine of applying cortiscoid creams and avoiding contact with irritant isn't going to work, because I need my hands to apply it to my face which equates to contact 2x a day..anyone have any ideas on what I can do to prevent this, it's becoming unbearable and painful even though the product is immediately washed off my hands after I'm done.

Would wearing say....latex gloves to apply it work? Anyone else have this issue?

What did you do?


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If your hands are okay with latex then that would be my suggestion. Try applying the bp with gloves and see if that helps. Just remember that wearing gloves does decrease sensitivity through your fingers, so be sure you are using a very light gentle touch when applying the products.

Hope that helps.

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Maybe your hands are getting irritated from the increased washings. I get tiny blisters that look like a rash whenever my hands come into contact w/ an irritant. I switched to Nutribiotic Skin Cleanser Fresh Fruit (the other formulas have problems imo) and my hands are fine now. But if I ever use any other soap, even once, I'll get blisters again. Dish soap especially bothers me. The Seventh Generation dish soap seems to be the least irritating that I've tried but I make my fiance do all the dishes so it's not an issue.

I'd be careful about using latex--you might be allergic to it since you already have skin/allergy issues.

I'd recommend using the Nutribiotic soap (there are probably some other good ones out there but once I found one that didn't irritate, I stuck with it) EVERY time you washed. When you apply the BP, make sure it stays on the palm side of your fingers. Immidiately after you finish applying the BP, rinse your hands with water but point your hands down, so the BP residue doesn't roll back onto your hands. Then, once your fingers feel like the residue is off, add soap and wash.

Did that make sense?

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I use Aveeno eczema care cream every night - after I finish the regimen I wash my hands one more time and then use the cream. My hands used to be extremely dry and irritated, but now they're soft all day just from that one application of cream.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. :)

I'm going to try out the soap and lotion products that were recommended and see if they help, I agree that I'll more than likely develop a reaction to the latex especially since the skin is already so irritated. I'll report back when I get it under control.

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