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dancing queen 64

Humongous pimple that hurts so much!

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Hiiii guyyss! dc64 here, just got a questionn

A couple days ago I woke up with this monster zit that really hurt, I try not to touch it but it still hurts a lot. I tried just about everything, benzoyl peroxide, salytic acid, tea tree oil, steaming my face, you name it. Ice cubes reduced the swelling a bit but it went back to normal. Also it won't cometo a head. I've already taken an advil but it still hurts and is very tender and the skin around it is red as well. The rest of my face is cleas, so how to get rid of it? Thanks a bunch!


dancing queen 64

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Steaming use to make my zits come to a head so I could easily pop them. Just keep steaming and drink plenty of water. Don't itch or irritate the zit as it could get infected and worse.

It will go eventually :)

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I actually wouldn't steam the pimple until you can see a white head forming, otherwise you are just going to inflame and irritate it further, hence the redness and swollen-ness. Do you have a spot treatment to use? I would suggest Neutrogena sore pimple gel or Mario Badescu drying lotion or cream. Ice it on and off every day and don't pick it.

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