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Finally figuring out my adult acne

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Hi all,

I'm new here, but have used this site as a resource for some time! I just wanted to share some recent things I've done which have greatly helped my acne!

No more nuts! Seems nuts are a trigger for me. My mom actually discovered this and it's working for me too.

No more harsh skin care! I switched to plain old white Dove soap and it's been wonderful. I use it on a washcloth once per day to exfoliate, and once by itself. so a total of twice per day. I used to have 4 "perma" cysts that never fully cleared up - they would get worse, then improve a little, then get worse again but never went away. Been using Dove for 3 weeks now and the cysts are gone and have never come back! I started the Dove at the same time as the no nuts regimen, so no way to know for sure which to thank, so I'm sticking with both!

Kyros shampoo! I discovered an acne shampoo that has totally eliminated body acne. Whenever I deviate from this brand, I break out on my body and scalp. I also recently saw that Loreal has a sulfate-free shampoo line, so I will give it a try since the Kyros is so pricey. I'm hoping my acne is due to sulfate sensitivity, but we shall see. I recently cut my bangs and started using Nexus and my entire forehead broke out! So I know it's the haircare, but back to Kyros and it's nearly cleared up.

Emu Oil! I just started using emu oil and all-natural mineral makeup from Sheer Miracle, and the emu oil as moisturizer has me very impressed! My skin feels amazing, and is glowing after just a few days of use. And because Emu oil is an anti-inflammatory, I have no more redness and my skin tone is even. Hopefully it won't backfire on me, lol. My face hates jojoba , olive and grapeseed oils, so I've been trying for some time to find a moisturizing oil that works for me. Emu is it! Kind of grosses me out to think about it, but it seems to be pretty amazing for my face, so I will just tell myself that it's plant-derived :)

Anyway, just wanted to share in case any of these strategies work for others!

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Congratulations! Good for you.

I have noticed the same thing about shampoo. There are only two shampoos I can use: Redken all soft and a local brand.

When I change shampoo I get cysts in my head and on my back. It's awfull. One day I have to figure out what ingredients I am allergic to.

What do you meen by sulfate? I gues there are many forms of sulfate, ex. sodium laureth sulfate ammonium lauryl sulfate.


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