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Question about food while on Accutane

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I've searched these forums and other websites about this but I never get a specific answer. I know taking vitamin A supplements while taking Accutane is bad, but I was wondering if foods with vitamin A, oatmeal, cereal, and milk for example, are ok to eat. I'm a cross country/track runner so I eat pretty healthy, and a good breakfast usually includes all of those examples. So are foods with vitamin A ok to eat on Accutane, and if so how much should I eat.

Also while I'm talking about vitamin A, is accutane count for your daily dose of vitamin A? Thanks for all your help! :D

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My derm said not to worry about it. (I eat a lot of carrots, and I asked him if I should cut back. He said so long as you aren't ODing on massive quantities of vitamin A, you should be fine.)

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The only foods that I know of you must avoid because of the high vitamin A content are organ meats, liver especially. Foods high in vitamin A like carrots is actually beta carotene. The body converts that to vitamin A if it needs it so you're good to go there. Other foods have negligible amounts in comparison.

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Thanks! It's good to know that I can still eat normally. So for example, when you eat something that says on the nutritional facts %40 of your daily Vitamin A, that actually is a small amount compared to supplements?

Oh and Siava, what are examples of organ meats? Is liver the only one I need to worry about?

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