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I'm gonna be taking some psyllium hull capsules for a week or so until I do my colon cleanse..and I have to take vitamins with a meal and you can't take psyllium with vitamins..because it will absorb the vitamin nutrients or something like that.

So should I just take my vitamins with my breakfast, and then take the psyllium capsules 20 minutes before I eat lunch and 20 minutes before dinnner? Or should I take them after I eat?

Will taking them at lunch and dinner still be helpful.. or is the morning best?

What about before I go to bed?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me!

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I have a packet form of psyllium husk and directions on there say to take 20mins before you eat. It must be taken on an empty stomach so you will still be quite full 20mins after eating.

You must make sure you take plenty of water otherwise it can give you stomach cramps.

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What colon cleanse are you doing? Usually psyllium is one of the major components of an effective colon cleanse unless your doing one of the oxygen based ones.

I'd take the psyllium caps first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I would also recommend waiting at least 45 minutes to an hour before eating or taking any other supplements. Psyllium can be very constipating if you don't a) drink enough water b) take it with an additional supplement that has a laxative effect such as flaxseed or bentonite clay.


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Coming from someone with years of experience taking p.husks I'm telling you the first choice you stated is ideal.

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