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yasmin and laser treatments

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Hi everyone out there... thought I would share my experience. I'm 26 years old and I started getting moderate to cyst-like acne at the age of 22. I've been on accutane twice in the past 5 years. I would have clear skin for about a year and then my acne would come back pretty much the same as before - moderate to cyst-like acne. I didn't want to go back on accutane because of all the bloodwork and side effects even though the only side effect I had was dry lips. I decided to try laser treatments. (pretty pricey $100 a treatment) My dermatologist figured i had hormonal acne and pdt would not be appropriate. Instead he suggested laser hair removal at a higher level to destroy the sebaceous glands and birth control pills because the laser treatment would not 100% get rid of the acne. After 4 laser treatments i would still breakout about 4 pimples clustered on my cheeks but it was getting less and less, but not to my liking. So now, in addition to the laser treatment i have just started yasmin and hoping for the best. I'm a bit worried with the initial breakout of starting birth control but i am hopeful with the addition of the laser treatment that it won't be soo bad. All I gotta say is with all this money i'm spending and the pain from the laser treatments my skin better look more clear and flawless than ever

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Hi there. I was glad to see your post because I've been wanting to try a laser treatment for a while. My hormonal acne was out of control, until recently, thank goodness! I started taking Yaz in July and broke out pretty badly at first, and now for the very first time in 11 years I don't have a single blemish, just the red marks.

I steam my face every night and then use Neutrogena Rapid Clear or Oxy Clinical immediately after and obviously the Yaz every night. I've tried so many prescriptions for my skin before and they didn't do ANYTHING. I'm so grateful my skin is okay now. Try this if you have the breakouts from taking the birth control.

I'm just nervous about what will happen when I go off the Yaz....

Good luck to you!!!!!!

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What kind of laser treatments did you do? I live in a very rural area. There are 2 places that do laser stuff. One only does hair removal and the other does complete laser resurfacing... I don't want to do the resurfacing. If the hair removal laser will work, that sounds great!

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