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Sleeping. Question from a noob.

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So I'm on my second day of the Regimen. I have very light acne (if it counts as acne? it's just pimples) and my face doesn't really suffer from irritation much. Onto the questions!

1) Can I sleep on my side and let my face rest on the pillow? Will that mess up anything on the Regimen? So far I've been making sure to sleep still on my back.

2) When I sweat, it seems like some of the Regimen products make it down to my eye area. What should I do?

3) Can I pop pimples while on the Regimen?

4) How do I prevent getting mini-breakouts after shaving?

Thank you!

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1. You can sleep on your side and rest your face on the pillow, but that is a cause for acne. Make sure you are washing your pillowcase every couple days if you are going to do this.

2. When people sweat, the regimen sometimes just comes out with it. Other than dabbing it and just letting it be, not sure how much more you can do.

3. You can pop pimples, but just like anyone not on the regimen, it's still not advised to do so.

4. If you're experiencing breakouts after you shave, might want to look into a different routine. That more has to do with your shaving regimen than the acne regimen.

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Thank you, Rawl. Glad to know I can sleep normally at least.

Another question. Today is my fourth day on the Regimen. Yesterday I began doing light BP twice a day, no real issues. Today is the first time that my skin is actually burning a bit (I applied in the morning). Should I not BP again today and let my skin catch up/heal? It's also slightly red in places, but no peeling/crusting (at the moment).

I guess the real question is: What is a sign to take a breather and let the skin heal?

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I have tried so many times to sleep on my back but I always wake up on my front!

I find as long as the bp is dry, its not a problem for me. I have been on the reguime for about 4 months now and I have finally not had a spot for about 3 weeks running!! If iv been out and i go straight to bed, i apply the bp and try and fall asleep on my back, so atleast it has time to dry off nicely and dosnt come off on my pillow!!

I also Sweat alot at work, i just try and dab it off with clean tissue and carry on, again my forehead is the main place it get sweaty it is also where my fringe sits sweaty alot, and i have actually been 100% clear on my fore head for about 3 months of the 4!!

I have had spots on the reguime, some of which i have sqeezed and some of which i havant. I find if you let it come completely to a head, like where its very white and on the surface, i gently sqeeze the spot and apply lots of bp, normally works, i have also left smaller spots to heal by them selfs using bp and aha as a spot treatment! I think this was the reasons i was getting such big sore spots, sqeezing, since i have stopped my spots have never developed that far and become that inflamme!! I have learnt to controll myself and that it is best in the long run not to over squeeze

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