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dieters green tea?

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I have been drinking regular or a blend of Green and White tea for a a few months now, and i have absolutely become addicted. I was a major coffee and wine (oops!) addict for almost 5 years, and since switching to tea i have had NO CRAVING for coffee, alcohol, or fatty foods. i have no desire to touch any of that crap! its been awesome! actualy i give credit to Green tea for motivating me to become much more aware and concerned with what i put in my body.Its elevated my mood, where i was able to wean myself off of anxiety meds with no regrets. ive been eating much healthier with mostly raw veggies and fruits, some low fat dairy (dairy has never caused my skin any issues) and whole grains like sprouted wheat bread. it gave me enough energy and tons of motivation to FINALLY get myself back into shape, and have been exercising several times a week, as much as my schedual will allow.

my point is i hit a bit of a plateu in my last few pounds im trying to shed, and recently i saw Dieters Green tea. i didnt buy it, but im curious if anyone has tried it or should i stay far far away from it? i dont want to screw up my system. or if you have suggestions how to get through my weight loss pause, that would be also much appreciated! thank you for any replys <3

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I was also addicted to coffee for years before drinking green tea. If you want to lose some lbs try eating six small meals a day (every 3 hours) and drink water. Meals have to include lean meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. Eating every 3 hours speeds up your metabolism.

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Some pretty convincing research has shown that green tea, holding other factors constant, can help you lose about 5 lbs in (I believe) 8 weeks. Not shabby at all, for gradual healthy weight loss.

I would stay away from dieters green tea. They usually contain harsh diuretic or laxative herbs like senna. Not a healthy way to lose weight.

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Thanks for your replies =)

a few days after i posted this a friend of mine was explaining this dieters coffee she had been drinking...and upon learning of its outcome =/ i figured "dieters" is code for diuretic (or just misspelled :lol: )

i wrote the original post about a month ago, and with my regular gym routine, lots of water of course, and small meals throughout the day, ive been able to drop the few lb's i was working towards YAY! it is really pretty simple, and works for most people. theres obviously a reason why exercise and eat healthy small portions will always be the first and only real solution to any sort of weight loss or managment.

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