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heres hoping

Is it an allergic reaction to roaccutane

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Hello all,

i have been taking accutane for 49 days now on 20mg a day with no side efects except the usually dry lips and skin.

Yesterday i was playing with my dogs for about2 minutes in the shade and since then i have a bumpy red and imflammed rash all over my arms and stomach. I went to a doc who said it is photosensitivity to sun which is ridiculous as i never go in the sun, went to the derm who said it was roaccutane, went to another doc who told me i was allergic to dogs??? So 3 apparent professionals have 3 different ideas. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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This will not help you but I had this around 10 day's ago, would have been about day 50. I only had it on the one arm, near the elbow but it's just as you described. I am also trying to work out what this was but it is going now. I didn't think it was related to Accutane so I didn't post it here, but it's weird how we both had it round the same time of nearly 2 months

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Mine is similar to the guy above me, i get that bumpy rash next to my elbow on my bicep, i didnt notice it untill i started going to the ocean i think it had something to do with the salt water and sun.

I use this all natural stuff called calendula plus. it helps with burns as well in case you do go in the sun. it takes the itch and sting out of the rash but its something u have to deal with i guess.

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I have a large red patch just on my red hand where the skin is very dry and delicate- it became worse when i upped my dosage to 60mg. So it's a side effect- one that could be very difficult to get rid of but definately controlable (i just stick a tonne of moisturiser on it :D)

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