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Everyone....i think...i've finally found my cure. at last. i hope.

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hey all, so i am quite confident i've found my cure. but first i want to say that i've taken 3 rounds of accutane. 4 months each round at 40mg. i finished last round in december. and i'm doing well now. my acne is not getting into the worse phase like it always does after i finish a round. i've been controlling it after i finished. i BELIEVE the number one thing that caused my cystic acne (the ones that turn into ugly boils) was milk. i'm 22 and all my life...i've been drinking milk almost every day. getting those huge boils from grade 8 onto college from time to time is really hell for me. anyways about milk. i never really realized the milk caused my acne until i stopped it. i stopped for a few weeks and i've seen alot of improvement. but don't think stopping the milk was all i did. i also went to the gym 3x per week and i'd do cardio(excersise on treadmill) for 30 mins each time at the gym and i'd sweat like crazy. i heard sweating cleans out the pores of the skin so that's what i did. i wanted to sweat because i REALLY wanted to clear my acne and didnt EVER want cystic acne to come back. EVER. PERIOD. it's hell sometimes. also, i have been drinking simple fruit/veggie smoothies almost every night before bed. plus some alpha lipoic acid pills to detox the liver but i stopped the pills for a while cus i got lazy but i think it still helps.


1. remove milk

2. cardio 3x per week

3. glass of fruit/veggie smoothie every night

4. alpha lipoic acid pills


i think it's just the milk but I did a number of other things just to be safe. also, it might be that i outgrew my acne being at 22 but i doubt it. someone try it and see if it works for you too then tell me! thanks for reading.

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having too much fruit would fuck me up. I pretty much do all you do except that.

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Yep, I've never seen anything have a more devastating impact on acne than milk. Milk breaks me out so badly that I can't even eat milk by-products, like cheese. Even in small amounts like on pizza.

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too much fruit would probably fuck me up too but i also mix it with vegetable/s. but ya don't take it if it actually makes you break out. i'm just experimenting after all.

exactly, i'm going to try to avoid milk from now on haha. if milk truly is the cause of my acne all this time, then i'm going to feel a lot of regret for not quitting milk in high school and the first 2 years of college. it would've saved me ALOT of embarassment.

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'i never really realized the milk caused my acne until i stopped it. i stopped for a few weeks'

See. So many people with acne say they never notice their diet or any food affecting their acne. And of course, neither did I. Until I changed my diet and my skin cleared.

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