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I want to do a colon cleanse..but I was wondering if there is a fast way to do it.. because I need to do a liver flush also.. and would like to try to do the colon cleanse and a liver flush before school starts back up.. because it would be rather hard when school is going on..(school starts back up around august 5th or so...). I also don't have a lot of money to spend..I was thinking about doing P&B shakes.. but doesn't taking them take like.. months before your colon is clean?

I'm 16..

What can I use for colon cleansing? Things I have access to are:

-psyllium hull capsules 465mg each (not sure about the powder.. the herbs and vitamin store might have it.. but I don't think they do because when I went in and asked for psyllium.. the only option they gave me was the capsules..)

-Braggs organic apple cider vinegar

-Fruits and vegis(Healthy foods..)

-Bentonite clay(powder)

-Smooth move tea (has senna in it)

-Enemas(yeah.. weird..)

-Sea salt

-Epsom salt


I can't pretty much get anything that the vitamin/herb shop sells..as long as it isn't vastly expensive..

Does juice or water fasting help cleanse the colon?

I probably sound really annoying and ignorant with what I've just written(dumb questions)..sorry..lol.. but I can't do a liver flush until my colon is good and I have bowel movements like.. twice a day or more.. right? Which I don't.. I actually didn't even have one today..

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Last summer when I was 16 years old and my acne had become severe (even with a healthier diet), I finally cleansed my colon and it was the best thing I had done for my health in years. My acne improve around 60 percent and considering I had severe cystic acne, it was then in between moderate and mild, it was a huge relief. I used Oxy Powder and that is the only colon cleanser I can recommend. It takes a week. If Oxy Powder is too expensive, there are other alternatives, except they don't all do the same thing.

It's good that you didn't just jump into liver flushing. Look into bitter herbs for the liver. This will improve your digestion, detox your liver, and do so much good for your body. I don't think this has been proven, but some say it can dissolve the stones in your liver.

As far as diet is concerned, I recommend you cut out sugar and go for high fiber. Something that can work amazingly for your body's digestion and overall health is fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and kim chi. They need to be raw. Get a good amount of probiotics in your system during, but especially after, your cleanse.

See how things go after the cleanse and remember you may have a herxheimer/die off reaction which may make things a little worse before they get better. If you properly cleanse your body with a focus on the right issues, it would be impossible not to feel or see any results. Good luck, and keep fighting for your health.

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